Are You Ready? By Disturbed


2018 | Rock

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"Are you ready? They aren’t ready for you to be strong. -- Are you ready? They aren’t ready for you to prove them wrong. -- Are you ready? They aren’t ready for you to be turned into someone who cannot be preyed upon."


  • In July 2018, David Draiman polled fans: heavy rock song, or mellow ballad? Out of 80,000 respondents, over 83% chose "heavy." This is that first single off Evolution.
  • Due to its origins as a 2004 song idea, the song has been described as having an "old Disturbed sound."
  • It hit #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in September 2018.


Luke Tatum

I have this love/hate relationship with Disturbed. There was a time that I could only hear "Down with the Sickness," no matter what song they were actually performing. Now that I'm many years older, I find more to appreciate than I used to. So, to focus on "Are You Ready": I like what's going on here! Erich Awalt has us removing our mental shackles, and realizing that we are free individuals before we are subjects of a regime. This is the step that "they" aren't ready for you to take. This is unplugging from the Matrix, and looking around only to be sickened by the sight of those unwilling to wake up. Overall, I get a really positive vibe from this song and it's sure to start your day on the right foot.

Sherry Voluntary

“Are you ready? They aren’t ready for you to be strong, Are you ready? They aren’t ready for you to prove them wrong, Are you ready? They aren’t ready for you to be turned into someone Who cannot be preyed upon.” As I heard this song these words really stood out to me. At first I thought about The State and how it operates by controlling people, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to me that the “they” in this is not the system, but the people in the system that aren’t ready for you to take your power back. So many people are enthralled by the system and are not only not ready to be proven wrong, but feel threatened by those of us who will not be the willing prey of the powerful. By leading ourselves out of the mindset of oppression we are cutting a path for others to follow.

Nicky P

So much of what we complain about as libertarians is control. While i listened to this song (at no small displeasure to myself) I pondered the question it was asking. I think it's a more complicated and nuanced question than we give it credit for. Am I ready? I know where I'm at. But do I know where my wife and daughter are at? My parents or brothers& sisters? Are they ready for the Rothbard switch? How about further outside the circle? Is society at large ready? If we're honest with ourselves we know the answer to most of those questions is an emphatic No. Our society has been coddling us for so many decades so deeply that I'm positive the average American is completely unprepared for freedom. I hope that our society hasn't schooled our ability to general human survival out of us but I honestly fear that many might lose the battle against nature if there was no hand feeding them. Now, im a horrible pessimist by any standard. I have no faith in humanity on any level. The idea that we could turn tail on the constitution as inadequate as it is and get here is absolutely amazing. If we bring that circle back in a little bit, are our families ready? Are we doing what we can to show them what we can? Personally some type of economic collapse seems innevitable and soon, so it seems like a dick move to at least try...despite obvious protestations. I hate disturbed for being the most boring rock band ever...but I'm glad they got me pondering the question of whether I think I and those around me can whether a revolution. I hope everyone reading this takes stock and goes out to do the most they can to build their own human capital and create ways to whether whatever storm is set to arise.

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Nicky P

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