Divided Cities Final Holt Katker

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at UF. Where students from all backgrounds gather for football game and different events.
This is the gate in front of my neighborhood in Lake Mary, FL. This division is between residents and the normal population.
This is the Lake Mary events center where I have been to multiple gatherings with people from all different places here.
This is where my family would gather with other families on Sundays when I was younger for church. It is the First Presbyterian Church of Orlando.
This is colonial Town Place in Lake Mary FL. It is by my house at home and people from all over come to go to block parties for different holidays
This is the Hippodrome theater in Gainesville FL. They put on all sorts of shows here with people from all over the world.
UF Library west, it is where everyone from all backgrounds comes and studies either on their own or together.
This is the Southwest Recreation Center at UF. This is a building where my friends and I go and play sports with people from all backgrounds.

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