Pampa Argentina oMar Herrera

The Pampas Are Located In ,La Pampa Province Of Argentina. And Found Under The City Of Buenos Aries And Extend To Uruguay.
The Pampas Of Argentina Are A Grass Land Biome.They Are Flat,Fertile Plains That Cover An Area Of 777,000 Kilometers.These Biomes Are Primarily Found In Argentina And Extend Up To Uruguay.The Average Temperature Is 18°C But Experience A Dry Season In The Summer.They Are Considered To Be One Of The Most Endangered Habitats In The World.
The Most Common Organism Pampa Is Known For Is The Geoffroy's Cat,The Geoffroy's Cat Is A Wild Feline,Native To The Southern And Central Regions Of South America And Are Currently Only Found In These Countries; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. They Live Up To 14 Years And Only Weigh 2-6 Kg. There Population Is Stable,And Likely Won't Be Extincted In The Near Future, Since Hunting Is Illegal In Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.
"Cool Interesting Facts"; There are four subspecies of Geoffroy's Cat, Its Also Known As The Geoffroy's Ocelot,The breeding season for Geoffroy's cats lasts from October to March. During this time, the female comes into estrus for a period of twelve days, roughly a month apart. Mating during this time is brief and frequent, often taking place on a high ledge or rocky cliff and .


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