PARIS BY LAURA burgaleta and lucia lopez 2ºa

Paris is located in Northern France on the banks of the river Seine. More than 12 million people live there. Paris is the heart of the France . Around 42 million people visit Paris every year! This amazing fact makes Paris the most visited city in the world! You can visit this city easily by metro, taxi or bicycle.

The best time of the year to visit Paris is in summer because there is a very good weather (around 25ºC), but you have to think that lots of tourists will want to go there because of this fact.

They use the same money that in Spain.
It is called " The city of love" and "The city of light"
The Eiffel Tower is the most emblematic monument of France.

Paris is a city with lots of landmarks where you will be able to see why we refer to it as the "City of light ". These monuments are elegant and unique and that's why Paris is a city that almost everyone likes.

The Eiffel Tower: This Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel, who also built the Statue of Liberty. This last monument was given to New York. It's made of iron and it is 300 metres tall. It is located on the Champ de Mars.

The Louvre is the most important museum in Paris.

The Louvre. It's the most visited art gallery in the world. It has lots of important pieces of art like "THE MONA LISA". This museum is made of glass and it was built by Leoh Ming Pei. This place is decorated with paintings and sculptures . If you visit the Louvre we promise that you'll enjoy it.

The triumphal arch:This monument was built by Jean Chalgrin and Jean-Arnaud Raymond between the 1806 and 1836 ordered by Napoleon Bonaparte. It is 50 metres tall. It's one of the most spectacular monuments of Paris. You can't leave Paris without visiting this.

Moulin Rouge: Is a famous cabaret located close to Montmartre.It is known because of of the can-can dance.

This is Disney Land Paris.

Disneyland Paris: This is one of the most important amusement parks in the world. First, it was established in California, but then another one was made in Paris. It has lots of atracctions like "ROCK 'N' ROLLER COASTER STARRING AEROSMITH".

This is a photo of the roller coaster.

There are more beautiful monuments in Paris, but now we are going to focus on the typical food in France.

Do you know what is this?
Mmm... delicious!!!
These are the MACARONS. Do you like them?
This is the "KIR" one typical drink of France.
And these are the "BAGETTES" the typical bread of Paris.

Now we are going to talk about famous people that were born in Paris.

Do you now who was Brigitte Bardot? Well, if you don't know, I will tell to you some things about her.

She was a very famous french actress.

One interesting thing about Brigitte's life is that she had recorded around 60 songs. She was born the 28th of September of 1934. Actually she is 82 years old. She was a world star.

She was very famous fashion designer

Coco was born the 19th of of August of 1883 and she died the 10th of August of 1971. In 1918 she started to create clothes.

This girl is Emma Watson.

Emma is an actress that was born the 15 of April of 1990 in Paris but now she doesn't live there. She made all the Harry Potter films.

Well ... we're done for today. Well ... we're done for today. We hope you liked it. "Au revoir"


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