Chile Santiago

These are both typical clothes and cultural clothes that are from Chile.

This is the climate of Chile. It is deseret at the top and a tundra at the bottom.

Since Chile lies deep in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons fall at opposite times of year from the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, the summer months are December, January and February, while June, July and August are the winter months. When it is spring in North America or Europe, it is autumn in Chile, and vice versa.

This is the Chilean Flag.

Chile flag was very similar to Texas flag. The flag of Texas was designed and adopted on 25 January 1839, whereas Chile's flag was adopted earlier on 18 October 1817. Both flags were modeled on the flag of United States

(Left) Chile (Right) Texas

Chile's flag is a red, white and blue banner with a white star. The blue square in the canton region of the flag represents the sky, the white stripe represents the snow of the Andes mountains, and the red symbolizes the blood that was spilled fighting for freedom.

17.62 million (2013)

This is the Chilean Peso.

1 Chilean Peso equals 0.0015 US Dollar

Chile is governed under the constitution of 1981 as amended. It is a multiparty democracy with a directly elected president who serves a four-year term (six-year prior to the constitutional amendments of 2005). The president may not be elected to consecutive terms.

Spanish is the native language in Chile.

Christianity, Protestations, Roman Catholic, and 7% of others.

This is a map of Chile.


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