2 pac Smile now, cry later.

2 PAC is my number 1 favorite rap artist. I enjoy listening to his music for a few reasons. one of the reasons is because when he raps, he raps about whats real. everything 2 PAC has rapped about he has done. for example the song ''Keep Your Head Up'' he rapped about how young single mothers are living and how their children are living without a father or man figure in their lives. as well as the song ''Dear Mama'' he raps about his childhood life.

It's cool how a great artist can be known for more than Tupac Shakur. He was known on stage as 2 PAC and Makaveli. when i first heard his music i was like ''I wonder who this is'', then my mother was like ''You don't know who this is, This is 2pac'', being that i was only about 3 or 4, So as i began to know who he was i began to like his music more and as the years went on i wanted to be a rapper and i remember when i was rapping in school and my teacher said who inspired you and who gave you that reason to like rap so much, and i said 2pac. He didn't believe that i knew who 2pac was because he wasn't in my generation, so he told to rap a few lyrics to a few of his songs so i did then he knew how much i enjoyed that kind of music because he thought that i always listen to the new generation garage that comes out know in days.

This song is one of my favorite songs by Tupac because like i said because of the meaning. I think this song was written to show how strong young African American women are and how important they being that they are the ones who gave birth to us and gave us life.

Tupac left a huge legacy

One thing that i really liked about Tupac was that he was honest and straightforward. He also stood up for his people, for his race. But out of all of that he was brave, he wasn't afraid to achieve in what he believed in and he definitely wasn't afraid to say what he had to say.

California Love was another song by Tupac that i enjoy listening to. Mainly because its a good throwback song to listen to when your bored and want something to get you up and moving and dancing, this is the song.

i put these pictures up because these pictures illustrates how tupac was he was a king, a leader, and as he would say a THUG.

Tupac made many albums such as All Eyes On Me, Me Against The World, R U Still Down, Greatest Hits, Until The End Of Time, and many more. He is a real talented artist and every song that i have heard from him had meaning, none of his music was about fake stuff, everything he say, every lyric is real, he's done everything.

This song is probably my third favorite, '' Ambitionz Az A Ridah'', this song is what the NEW Generation would say Lit. I like it because of the beat and the rhythm it's kind of slow and soft in the beginning then it get high and higher until it gets strong.

I like these quotes that tupac made because its true even though young people are dumb they have a heart they have something that gives them meaning.

I also like the song ''Hit Em Up''. I enjoy B.I.G but that song is hardcore. The way the mood is in that song, it's like an angry, monster, and furious tone to 2pacs voice when he raps. the only con about that song was that it was a dis track about N.I.G because i really enjoy listening to him because his music has a lot of meaning and people say i resemble him...( i don't think so ).

To be a kid from Boston, I like alot of west music not only 2 pac music but other artists such as N.W.A and Snoop Dogg.


l like this quote because of how true it is. People judge other people just because of how they look. The type of discrimination that have to face everyday just because of there race, looks, or religion is horrible and its not right.

This is why Tupac inspires me and this is why I want to be like him not as a rapper but as a person. I say this because there is a difference between his personality and his attitude a, quote that he wrote, he actually explains the difference between his attitude and personality. it says ''don't get confused between my attitude and personality.My personality is who i am,My attitude depends on who you are''.

The End hoped you liked it, if not oh well!

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