Staff Scoop April 2017

Collaboration, Team Work & Family= US💙❤️


Ramblers Rock!

"TEAM - Together- Everyone- Achieves-More" Author Unknown

💙❤️ Kathy Gerberdine & Carrie Hunt- your extra care and quality work outside is EXTREMELY appreciated!! Thank you to them and all staff members who help at lunch and recess- very important time for our BCES KIDDOS!!
Grade Level Team meetings are a very important time for teachers to collaborate, plan, problem solve and celebrate!

NEW STRATEGY!!!!!! Ruby Payne had quite the impact on all of us as educators. I am noticing some strategies being utilized from the resource book provided for you. It is especially great to see the "All BCES focused Strategy" - Think, Pair & Share! I will be sharing other interesting strategies in each of my "Staff Scoop" (SEE BELOW). Feel free to also share out with staff member other strategies you are using!!

Writing in Science is very important. The M-Step challenges students with gathering evidence, inference and different levels of comprehension. These strategies using Science questions/writing stems can be another tool in the tool box 🛠

Here's what's going on...

  • April 4-------------------Return From Spring Break
  • April 4-------------------Lisa out of building AM
  • April 7-------------------Baseball Day
  • April 10------------------SST 3:30-5
  • April 11-13---------------Jessica, Debbie & Lori-Test Proctors in HS
  • April 11-------------------Baffling Bill Mini Assembly 2:45-3:05 BCES
  • April 11-------------------Baffling Bill PTO Event 6:30 HS
  • April 13------------------Bible Class Release Time 1:25
  • April 17------------------DSIT 4-5:30
  • April 18------------------Lisa out of building
  • April 19------------------Paraprofessional Meeting 10am
  • April 20-----------------4th Grade Musical 7pm
  • April 21------------------Leadership/Data Team Meeting All Day
  • April 21-----------------Reading Celebration 5:45-8pm
  • April 24-----------------Lisa out of building am
  • April 24-----------------All Day Paraprofessional PD @ MS
  • April 24-----------------4th grade Coates/Stanek @ Music House
  • April 24-----------------After School PD 3:30-5
  • April 25-----------------4th grade Spate/Wildman @ Music House
  • April 26-28-------------Kindergarten Round up
  • April 28------------------No School Kindergarten ONLY
  • April 27------------------3rd Gr. Ausable Trip Crandell/Mastin
  • April 27------------------3rd Gr. Ausable Trip McShane/Longcore
  • April 28------------------BCES PTO Carnival HS 6pm

Elementary Google Calendar Updates

Please be sure to check your Google Calendat EVERYDAY! This link will be available to you weekly to make it easier to keep up with Google Calendar Updates! Keep up with all life's changes!! Be sure to email Tammy of important Google Calendar updates!

BCES Field Day/Special Person's Lunch- this year we are combining Field Days with Special Person's Lunch. Each grades' lunchtime will be at noon and "special people" will be invited to join there special student(s) down for lunch. Due to this fun addition to the already super day, I ask that we all be clear in our expectations for students, parents and staff to dress in layers, because short of a rainstorm -I do not want to cancel Field Day.👍 THANKS to Mike McShane for both working to combine the two events and for setting up the dates! The dates can be found on the Google calendar😃

Dr. Seuss gives us something to think about😃

Rambler Scoop and Skinny💙😃❤️

(**equals new items- others are for daily reference)

**Building/Facility Use Form- this is a very important procedure! It MUST be filled out for any and every event that occurs in our school or other buildings in the school district! Once filled out, it given to building principal for consideration for approval- if approved, a copy given to Tammy Ryder (even if it is in another building, a copy must be given to TAMMY as she PUTS IT ON Google Calendar). A copy is THEN given to custodians for their use to set up for event.

**Construction in our BCES BUILDING- Construction work under our bond has begun over spring break and continues during the evenings. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: as of June 19 through August 25 (most likely Teachers will be able to work in classrooms much earlier than the 25th without children-DUE TO SAFETY). You will have to check emails for updates- especially in August for the date you can return for set up. I know it will be hard for some of you, but remember that your classroom will be new to the kids coming in regardless😃👍💙❤

**Preparing for construction: NOTHING CAN BE ON OR ABOVE YOUR HEAT REGISTERS. Nothing should be on your ceilings. ALL PERSONAL VALUABLES SHOULD BE TAKEN HOME! 🛠

**Please remember that Recess duty is very important & needs to be completed or covered on the days assigned. Things might come up, but the duty needs to be covered for safety of the students and/or to count for requirements by the state.

Reminder: I need agendas (might be mini sometimes depending on meeting) with sign in sheets (can be back of agendas) for all Curriculum Days, PLNs and Grade Level Meetings AT THE END OF THE YEAR. This is for basic record keeping and SCECHs👍

Reminder-except for things that need my immediate approval and especially for things that I am collecting from professional learning, there is a file box under the outgoing mail that keeps envelopes that are specifically labeled for different collections (Example: data review action plans).

IMPORTANT!! New procedure for Staff P-Card use!! Please follow the following steps for now on: 1. Fill out form (available in office). 2. Give to Principal for approval and Your card will be filled at that time-the signed form will be placed in your mailbox. 3. Once you have purchased your items, please turn in your receipt(s) attached WITH A PAPERCLIP to previously signed approval form to Tammy Ryder.

Remember when driving in past 7:45 in the morning to please use the drive between the bus garage and the heavy equipment shed/recyclable bin. This makes it safer for all at that time😃

PLEASE REMEMBER to sign out whenever you leave the building during the school day whatever the reason. This is SO important for safety. Sometimes emergencies happen, even when we're hopeful that they will not. Thanks so much! Tammy will show you where the book is in case some of you forgot. Thank you so much😃

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS YUMMY OPTION😃😃😃😃😃Provisions procedure: ( special & soup list will be emailed when available on Friday or Monday Mornings)-1. Please place order on Google DOC. 2. Exact change or check will be accepted and will have to be placed in the special labeled envelope or plastic bag then placed in big Manila envelope on Tammy's desk (payments need to be submitted by 10:30 am on Tuesday. 3. All orders will be shared with Provisions chef by 2:30 pm on Monday prior to Tuesday delivery by 11 am. 🍴🍞🧀🍲🍰

Hydration and smiles are key for success!

🎈🎈🎈Please include in your newsletters and correspondence the following reminders regarding these procedures to assure safety for our beloved kiddos ... (new items will be in bold, but please remind all items listed throughout the year)

1. Please remind parents that they are not to park in front of the bus garage prior to 3:05 PM. Prior to that time they must be at least two car lengths away from the garage. Otherwise, drivers cannot get the buses out. Mary and I are also trying to be sure this isn't happening in appreciate your help at this

2. STILL LOTS OF CHARGES- Please remind parents to pay any charges that they have at this point and if possible to please pre-pay for the rest of the year using the online option or placing it in a labeled envelope and the lunch payment wooden box located on the front counter in the office. Filling out free and reduced form is also still an option. Thank you for your assistance with this issue.

3. Please remind your students that Winter is here☃️and that means every day students should be bringing a coat, snow pants, hat and gloves. If you hear that students don't have access to some of these items -please be sure to let myself and/or Mary know and we'll figure out something.

4. I just loaded the blue book box near the front door with books! The blue box located outside of the front door is a great way for students to get different books in their hands for reading on a daily basis. Please remind parents and students that they are welcome to take a book(s) or leave books that they have already read at any time.

5. No ONE should be dropped off prior to 8am as there is no supervision! We have our "All Star program" option as always.

6. Please use the FRONT circle drive for student drop off in the morning. Parents must park in the front lot if walking students into the building and be sure not to block bus garage for parent pick up:)

7. Mana bags are for eating at home- NOT ON THE BUS! Please give tied bags to parents!

8. Bussing is a privilege- RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, CARING AND SAFETY ARE A MUST ON THE BUS! Please remind students AND PARENTS of bus expectations🚌


👍 CHANGE IN EXITING ASSEMBLIES-REALLY IMPORTANT- Thank you for always supporting assembly expectations and going over them prior to every assembly with your students! Exiting all assemblies will be as follows & please do unless otherwise directed… SECOND OUT FIRST FROM STAIRS- then, 4th & 3rd grades out on left & k&1st grades will exit through the back doors.

Please be sure and check your email prior to each PD meeting for preparedness as last minute things can come up. Your professional courtesy is appreciated!! 👍💙👏❤️😃

PLEASE!!!!!! The office is in desperate need for volunteers for both the lunch room and recess. Please reach out to your personal pool of volunteers and have them contact the office or share their name with Tammy so that way we might reach out to them. Your assistance is appreciated🌈

We are also desperate for substitute teachers, paras and food service subs. Please get the word out there😃👍👏

❤️💙❤️💙A SHOUT OUT:💙❤️💙❤️

TO: Amanda Weber

💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️We celebrate Amanda for being an AMAZING YEAR ONE TEACHER!! We are all SO PROUD! YOU ROCK Rambler!!!!❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙

GO Ramblers💙❤️

Family News & Fun: Our BCES Family LOVES all of our Families❤💙

🌷Congrats to Carly- another sweet Kindergirl having a sweet baby girl!
Sweet Grandma Sheri Fitz💙❤
The BCES RAMBLER Family celebrates our Brown Family's new addition💕

Great Learning Opportunities

Please don't forget to keep checking for added learning opportunities at CharEm! 👍😃👏

Rock to our 2017 theme song!!!

Staff Birthdays

  • April 3----------------------Erin Mastin
  • April 15---------------------Debbie Matelski
  • April 17---------------------Rebecca Wildman
  • April 18---------------------Marla Flynn
  • May 4-----------------------Rose Mills
  • May 15----------------------Sheri Fitzpatrick
  • May 19----------------------Mandy Richards

CHECK THIS OUT... Super funny video-please watch & SMILE:

💙❤️Thank you Rambler Staff for ALL you do!! YOU ROCK!!!!💙❤️

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