Studio Gabriella & Watermark Hotel Marketing Proposal


Prepared by Alyssa Beth Kleinpeter | April 19, 2017

Executive Summary

  • First, I will discuss where you want to be.
  • Next, I will share the ideas I have that could improve the current state of both Studio Gabriella and the Watermark Hotel.
  • Finally, I'll share why I think I'm best for the task at hand.
Where you want to be...

As a business owner, you're in a position where you need to be able to move forward and innovate constantly. There lies the beauty of marketing in the world today, it's constantly evolving.

Being in a place where moving forward in your daily routine can feel overwhelming, is not a good place to be. When it comes to recruiting, planning, marketing, emails, phone calls etc. your day can be eaten away in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, with the help of effective marketing techniques and new digital softwares you can easily reduce your time spent on these task and redirect your energy to other more important things!

Social media in itself can be a useful too both for direct marketing and PR. By using platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, a company has the ability to better communicate and build it's personality as a brand. We are in the era of "New Age Marketing" where social media can really make a difference when promoting a business.

Studio Gabriella.

Studio Gabriella offers a unique experience while offering exceptional services, available no where else.

I love the idea behind the location of Studio Gabriella. It's such a great option to be able to work out and go to the salon on the way out, looking like you never even broke a sweat. I think if we can market that as an option to the elite in Baton Rouge it could really bring in some new faces. Some ways we could do this would be by advertising within Spectrum targeted specifically for our client base. We could also work to motivate and entice those leaving the gym to come into the salon on the way out. I think that the location of the salon is an opportunity for both Spectrum and Studio Gabriella to cross market to each of their client bases.

We can promote a more cohesive marketing strategy in the small things such as ensuring the same cover photo and thumbnail for all social media accounts across the board. We could also stimulate more traffic on the Instagram page by diversifying posts, maybe on different location or with a different background, while keeping to a color scheme.

I would also assist in personalizing the customers experience as well as streamlining communication with the help of email marketing systems such as Auto Pilot.

Watermark Hotel

"Hotel is absolutely stunning! Front desk was extremely welcoming and were able to answer every question I had. Walking into the room gives you a feeling of comfort and relaxation, not to mention a beautiful view of the river. Overall a wonderful experience and I will be staying with them in the future. " - Taylor

Not having an Instagram for the hotel I believe is a mistake. Having an account on this platform could open the floor to show off its "elegance and edge". This could also give the potential guest a better feel for what to expect when they stay there and an easy way to share with friends.

I would also work to use segmented marketing techniques to the niche market of visitors to Baton Rouge as well as locals look for a close getaway. Look to promote the idea of the history and centrality of the hotels location. Staying for the week on business or just looking for a place to get drinks on the weekend, Waterfront should be the first to come to mind.

It would also be a key improvement to use Autopilot to improve customer communication and further automate their marketing.

Why I am good for the job!

As a current marketing student, I am in the midst of learning about all the Ins and outs of the current marketing world. I have 3 years of knowledge that is all very fresh and always in the forefront of my mind. Whether its analytics or market strategizing, I have both experience and motivation to excel in this field.

With my past experiences ranging from sales associate, to online media assistant and designer, I have gathered skills that will help you expand your customer base and help polish your look.


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