The Challenges of Soccer BY Hunter Conger


Soccer ball, shin guards, mouth guard, cleats, jersey and then you are ready to go. Well, you might be wondering what does the word cleat means. It is a shoe with griping on the bottom. You might not know the meaning of shin guards.Well it protects the open space under your knee that is called your shin. So if anybody kicks your shin you won't feel it that much. Also, think you should get yours at Dicks at Aviation Mall the sports store they have very good soccer equipment. I go there every year to get new soccer equipment.That is all you have to know about soccer equipment and I hope you take my advice.

Here is a pair of shin guards


This is a game ball (soccer ball)

If you trip someone you are going to out of the game for 5 minutes.But don't worry about that because you shouldn't trip people in a game.No touching the ball with you hands if you do it is the other teams ball but only the goalie,(someone who guards a goal) can touch the ball.There is only allowed 22 people on the field at one time.And there is 3 refs,(A person who watches someone) on the Field at one time so the refs can see what is happening in the game.After all, I think you know all of the rules in soccer so i think you should use my advice because if you do you will be very good at soccer.


When you win you will feel happiness in your body but.Also you feel bad for the other kids that lose.Like one time.when a kid was crying because his team lost to us 5-1. I went up to him and ¨it is going to be OK¨me.When you win.You make sure not to brag to the other team because that is what makes the person cry.Don't over over celebrate because it will they are losers but they really are not. For example, My team does´t win all the time lost to I many teams we are just undefeated, (You haven't lost a game)this year.Winning is fun but when you lose it is not fun so.That is why you don't brag when you win.Well, i think you know how to act when you win and you know how to win i hope you take my advice.

This is what you get at the end of your soccer season

¨You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it¨ -Lionel Messi,A famous soccer player,My inspiration


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