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Nigeria is in Africa and in the Northern hemisphere and Eastern hemisphere.

Some countries that border Nigeria are Niger, Chad, Cameroon, and Benin.

Abuja is Nigeria's capital and is located at 9°N and 7°E

Physical Characteristics

Nigeria is in the tropical zones with it being hot all year
These are pictures of Niger River (Bottom), Lake Chad (Top left) and Benue River (Top right)


Nigeria's population in 2015 was 182.2 million. It is a Medium size country. Its world Rank is 7.

Nigeria has a population density of 498 people per square mile. Nigeria is 356,669 Square miles so with there being 498 people per square mile, Nigeria is not crowded.

Nigeria is more rural that urban

Nigeria's growth rate is 2.56% which is slow. Nigeria's fertility rate is 5.65 births per woman.

The Largest populated city is Lagos with 16.06 million. Then there is Kano with 3.626 million. Next is Ibadan with 3.565. Then there is Kaduna with 1.582 million. Lastly is Port Harcourt with 1.006 million.

-300,000 people are leaving the country because of War and not enough resources.


Nigeria is a developing country due to its GDP per capita, its life expectancy, an its literacy rate. There GDP per capita is really low. They are at $2,800. There average life expectancy is 52.62 years. That isn't very long. The United States is a Developed country and there life expectancy is 78.8 years. That is way longer than Nigeria. Finally, Nigeria's literacy rate is 61.3%. Which means 61.3% of teens 15 and up can read and write. To qualify to be a developed country that percent has to be 99% or up.


The Main languages spoken in Nigeria are English, Hausa, Igbo, and Fulani

The Main religions are Muslim (50%), Christian (40%), and indigenous beliefs (10%).
Soccer is big in Nigeria. Nigeria's National team competes regularly for international titles and has made its mark in global sports. Rugby is also a very big sport in Nigeria. Even though rugby failed to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympic games, Nigeria could proudly boast of having had an eventful calendar in 2015.


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