The Train Ride election night, 1960

After hopping on the train to Grant park, we got on a plane that took us straight to Washington, D.C were we rented a motel and stayed there the night. For 2 hours Mom kept talking about the entire campaign in hindsight before drifting away. Right when we got there, I fell in the bed and slept like a rock. Mom woke me up the next morning and we had breakfast at the Blind Dog Cafe. Wonderful place. After that, we signed out of the Motel and took a taxi to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW- the White house.

We gave the man at the front our ticket and entered the giant crowd. My Mom whispered in awe "Have you ever seen this many people in one place?" I didn't and was shocked, considering we lived in the country and there were 200 in my school. I've never seen more than 200 people in one place. John F. Kennedy comes down an hour later in a corvette. A red dot aligns on his head, and boom. Shot goes off, guy falls dead, and everyone panics. Mum and I manage to spot the guy, and escape to the subway. We headed home, mum is a little shook, but all is well. When we got home and checked the news, and Lee Harvard Oswald had been caught and arrested.

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Ramzi Risheq



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