Marriage Is Good As Stated By Secular Articles

Marriage is seen by many as a major accomplishment or goal in life, but it is also seen by many as something of a long-term commitment that takes all the fun and freedom out of life. Many Christians believe that marriage is a great thing, while many non-religious people view it as good or bad. In this project we will discuss some reputable, secular sources and what they have to say about marriage.

Marriage Brings Happiness

Many people think that marriage is a commitment that will suck all the fun out of life, while some think that marriage will bring happiness and joy. The Huffington Post quoted an article by the Telegraph which "found that being married is 20 times more important to a person’s happiness than their earnings and 13 times more important than owning a home. Financial status and home owning are two major factors that people equate with happiness, but when interviewed, it was found that marriage is much more effective at making people happy than the other two reasons are. The article by the Huffington post also used a study by Michigan State University that "found that being married protects against age-related declines in happiness." Not only does marriage make people happier than money or home owning, but marriage also will help people be happier as they age.

Married Couples Are Healthier

An article by CBS Cleveland uses information gathered by Hui Liu at Michigan state university and Corinne Reczek at the University of Cincinnati who studied national health surveys that "found that the rate of mortality among men in cohabitating relationships dropped by 80 percent, while the rate dropped 59 percent for women." Studies show that married people live longer. Could that be because they are happier, less stressed, less depressed, and have less medical problems, maybe? Sherman, author of, Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, & Make It Last, told the Desert News that "happily married individuals undergoing heart bypass surgery are three times more likely to stay alive 15 years later than their single peers." This article shows that being married will help people live longer and even help them be able to endure hardships like surgery better than unmarried people.

Marriage Can Help Your Health

In a study by WebMD, they used a quote by Professor Andrew Oswald, lead researcher of the University of Warwick study says, who said:" smoking takes on average seven years off a man’s life and marriage gives him an extra seven years.” Marriage can help increase the life expectancy of men to the same extent that smoking takes it away. Maybe smokers should get married then, right? WebMD also used a quote by Oslwald that said:" Professor Oswald says, “Marriage has some remarkable physical benefits which aren’t fully understood, but it does seem to boost our immune systems " and also uses a study of people over the age of 65, which found that those who were married had much higher levels of antibodies in the blood. In addition to increasing life expectancy of the married couple, marriage also helps boost their immune system, maybe doctors should start prescribing marriage for people. In essence, marriage has benefits to your health and life overall that no medicine could ever achieve.

Marriage Can Help Your Bones

Well, once again, a study is showing that marriage can increase your health, except this time, it is referring to bone health. The Huffington Post used a survey by UCLA involving data from 632 U.S. adults, that showed " a link between bone mineral density (BMD) — which decays over time and leads to osteoporosis — and a person’s marital life history." The study shows that marital status can effect a person's bone health. This study is quite intriguing because people would never think of a correlation between marriage and bone health. Another study also showed that men and women who were part of supportive marriages had healthier bone mineral density that those who were divorced, separated, or had never been married. Essentially, marriage can help increase the health of bones of those married, something modern medicine still struggles to do.










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