Spotify Greenroom

Presentation By Jeremy Joshua


Spotify has a lackluster and uninspired Promotional Marketing plan

Here are some Examples...

Spotify has a SMALL engagement with Small Screens  Lacking forward thinking and ingenuity...

Spotify uses a very SIMPLE idea to promote themselves.... Not through music or something related to it...

We can't have continual engagement from users by giving them STUFF .....

They Need a once in their lifetime Experience


With 100 million regular users & 50 million paid subscriptions...

Why doesn't Spotify work cohesively with the artist by allowing their expression of art to be felt, heard, and seen the way they truly envisioned their music

Troy Carter-Global Head of Creator Services knows progression....

From his former start up BackPlane its goal was to "redefine social media" by allowing celebrities and brands to "connect with fans, foster community, and cultivate brand loyalty"


Why can't we not worry about exclusive releases our competition has and add wow factor to Spotify?

Lets create an Environment were people want to spend more time Listening for their favorite Artist

Lets Build the potential for Once in a lifetime Engagements with fans and Immerse them into the heads of their favorite artists

magic/ technology

AR Technology and 3D sound for a visual and surround hearing experience has developed that will change our lives Forever.... There are now ways to listen in 5.1 surround and create exclusive visuals never seen before.....


Create a Pop-up Location (GreenRoom) that can only be found by using AR technology in the Spotify app a by notification.

Have (The Artist/ Celebrity) create exclusive CONTENT for pop up venue.

Fans ( Fervently Active Numerator) playing the featured artists music on Spotify within a 25 mile radius from the pop-up’s location. Will receive a notification to a secret location.... revolving around the artist....

Similar to DJ Khaleds Fan Love Snaps the Fan will only have a Limited Time to respond to the direct Visual message from the Artist.

Only up to 100-200 Fans will be allowed to join the hunt for the green room and once they have signed in by tagging into the room via the Spotify app...

They will be given OSSIC X headphones to wear inside the room and be allowed to Use AR Tech by using the unlocked potential of the Spotify app via key code given at door.

OSSIC X has a 3D audio algorithm that uses head-tracking and individual anatomy calibration. This will allow people to Experience music like never before. This will allow people to hear music exactly how the artist intended.

The usage of the AR(Artists Reality) mode in the Spotify app will allow select users to experience curated interviews. Giving exclusive insight into what the artists thought process was around the songs the Fan loves the most

The Artist will meet with the Fans and have a dialog with them about their Vision for music and why Spotify is integral for changing how music is made and heard.

The Event will finalize with a intimate Unplugged performance by the artist for the Fans... The way the Artist intended...


Created with images by deejayres - "Green!"

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