In My Room: Gordon Lewis By: Jenna Jarjoura and Hannah Bernstein

Gordon Lewis’ room is equipped with all of his essentials. He spends the majority of his time at home in his room because he has everything he needs in it and never has to leave. Lewis has lived in his house since he was born, but moved into his sister’s room when she left for college.

Before Lewis' sister left for college, she had all the letters of her name on display that she collected throughout the years. Lewis began looking for the letters to his name in second grade and gave up not too long after. Today, Lewis lives in his sister's old room with his two tile magnets in the same location of his sister’s.

A Nazar — also known as an evil eye — hangs on Lewis' wall. This eye has the same concept as a dreamcatcher: it is supposed to stop you from having nightmares. Lewis received this gift from an old friend that he doesn't see anymore. At first, Lewis believed in its power of fighting bad dreams and other threatening things away, but now, the Nazar hangs in his room as a memory of an old friendship.

"Though it's very generic, because its a Pink Floyd album, my excuse is that it's my dad's original one from the year it came out in 1963," Lewis said. "So it has more meaning than just a random album." Above Lewis' bed hangs two record stands. On the right is the classic Pink Floyd album. Accompanying this album cover is the Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits because they are his favorite band.

Lewis also creates music with his friends. His group is called Gurth Wind Fire and Lewis has a makeshift producing center in his room. He considers this group a rap project. His set up consists of his computer, a keyboard just for a professional look and a brand new mic.

He also is able to workout in his room, which is just another reason why he spends so much time in there. Lewis recently started to rock climb and received this pull up bar from his family for Christmas. This became a project for him and his father to set it up and he believes it makes this present in his room that more special.

The last main thing Lewis has in his room are his Hot Wheels. He thinks this is what really makes his room unique and is a great accent feature that stands out. “I thought it was funny,” Lewis said. “I don't think anyone else is gonna think it's funny, but when I see it I'm like ‘oh that's funny like it is my room.’” He hopes that these Hot Wheels will eventually gain value one day.