Shi Huangdi (Qin) By Raymond yang

Famous politicians, strategists, reformers in Chinese history. He bulit the first united dynasty in Chinese history - Qin dynasty, which had a far-reaching impact on China and the history of the world and pushed China into the unification era.

He led his army to destroy the other six countries.

He united the currency and established a fairly complete system. In order to resist the invasion of foreigners, he organized the people to build the Great Wall.

This is a terracotta warrior. After the death of Qin Shi Huang, the terracotta warriors as funerary objects,buried by people under the ground.

Before Shi Huangdi united China. He was the king of Qin.(the red one)

In his efforts, he defeated the remaining six countries one by one. Shi Huangdi United China.

Qin dynasty in the world map.

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