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Hinduism can be traced back to 3000 B.C. making it the oldest universalizing religion known to us. It has many gods and goddesses

September 13, 2013 First I visited the so called heart of Hinduism and it can be found in Varanasi. The Ganges at Varanasi is a city where people are cremated and hope to help the soul leaving the dead body. It is believed that being cremated here will help someone's soul depart the body to achieve liberation. The city is one of the oldest in the religion and is ancient and very sacred to all of Hinduism so sacred it has even spread to the cities around it including the non religious people even value this site. When I talked to some locals they all had the same thing to say about the city. "Pay it and it will pay you" they obviously respect this sacred city deeply.

These are all photographs of the city Varanasi

September 15, 2013 The second place I visited was Mathura and Vrindavan. It is an ancient city in India and is said to be the birthplace of Krishna. It may be one of the oldest cities in the Hindu religion and is sacred to all of them. The city is now dedicated completely to Krishna with temples covering the city in order to worship. A majority of the people that live in this city are elder for the reason that in the religion many people when they retire they come to this city in order to participate in events with the lord and get them closer to their god, Brahman.

This is a picture of a building in the city of Vrindavan


September 26, 2013 Today I visited Jerusalem which is in Israel. It is said to be the death place of Jesus and also the spot of his resurrection. This is a very sacred spot to all Christians for it is the major place of the man who was once god on earth. Jerusalem is a very sacred spot to those who know of the christian language. I talked to some of the people who live around Jerusalem and they are very aware of the land they are living on and respect it as much as they can.

These are pictures of Jerusalem

September 27, 2013 I just was in Bethlehem which is directly south of Jerusalem. This is a holy spot to the Christian language because it was the birthplace of Jesus Christ who preached and taught Christianity. The cave in which they believe the manger in was in Bethlehem. Many visitors come to Bethlehem to see this cave and they also visit the oldest Christian church in the world. This church is The Church of Nativity. There have been many damages and restorations to this ancient church but overall it has been kept in good condition. The birth of Christianity can be found in this one country and specifically in this church.

The Left is the cave they believe Jesus was born. The right is The Church of Nativity.


October 4, 2013 Today I visited the Great Mosque of Mecca. It is the single most important place in Islam. According to the tradition of Islam the prophet Abraham and his son built it in honor of god to be his house. In the five pillars of of Islam it says each person needs to travel to Mecca for this pilgrimage. It is the largest gathering of people in the world. At one time there can be over 2 million people in this Mosque. The mosque is the biggest in the world and is almost 357,000 square meters. All Muslims must pray five times a day facing this Mosque. When I visited this mosque it was at a very quiet tie relative to the normal day but it was one of the most crowded places I have ever been.

This is the Mosque of Mecca

October 7, 2013 The next place I visited is the Al-Aqsa Mosque it is also the Noble Sanctuary. It is the second Mosque built that we currently know of and was the original site where people prayed to. Today it is the Mosque in Mecca, but it used to be they would face this mosque when they prayed five times a day. This is the mosque where the Prophet Muhammad rose into the sky for his al-Miraj. It is also the spot, in the middle of the mosque Muhammad ascended to heaven.

These are pictures of the Al-Asa Mosque


October 29, 2013 A very holy site in Judaism may be the Western Wall. The wall is what remains of the Jewish Temple. It is a site where many people pray at. This wall itself is not necessarily sacred it is what it used to mean, the history of the wall and what it was built for. It was built to surround one of the first Jewish temples. An interesting fact is that recently there have been conflicts between the Muslims and the Jews between their beliefs on the wall and who they think should have the priority to worship it.

Left is the Western Wall. Middle are people praying to the wall. Left is a fight about who gets the wall.

November 1, 2013 The for sure holiest site in Judaism is the Temple Mount. In Judaism it is at this church is where they believe God gathered all of the materials to create the first ever human. It is called this because it is sacred to Christianity and Islam as well and in Hebrew it translates to the location where Abraham binded to Isaac. This spot is said to be very sacred to all religions that started in Jerusalem.

These two are pictures of the Temple Mount


December 9, 2013 A very holy site in Buddhism is Lumbini, I just recently visited this place. It is definitely place i will not forget anytime soon. It is a site that Buddhists travel to every year it is very important to them. This is the place that it is believed Gautama was born when Queen Mayadevi gave birth to him. Gautama is the founder of Buddhism and is he is the person who reached enlightenment what every Buddhist strides for.

This is where Gautama was born

December 11, 2013 The next place I went to was the place where Gautama reached his enlightenment. That place is called Bodh-Gaya it is also a pilgrimage site but is most popular for the "birth of Buddhism". Today it is represented with a very large statue of Gautama in his enlightened state. Many people come tour this spot because it is so well known even outside of the Buddhism religion. Gautama is widely known as the fat man sitting in the meditating position wearing a robe.

These are all pictures of Gautama and his statue


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