My Road to Happiness Marcia Vargas Rojas

“By justice a king gives country stability, but one who is greedy for bribes tears it down.” Proverbs 29:4


There was a point in life when I believed happiness was to have the material possessions I desired. A big house, the car of the year and of course the fashion of the moment. I was lucky enough to have that once, but then I lost it. I realized that it didn’t make me any happier than I was before.

Ultimate happiness is when you are a child and have no worries but playing outside with your friends.

At this point in my life being successful will make me happy. For me being successful is feeling professionally accomplished, as well as emotionally accomplished. Being professionally accomplished means choosing a career that I enjoy doing. The ability to find an answer to the most significant questions of life would make me feel emotionally accomplished. It is having that internal peacefulness that allows you to sleep at night regardless of what you are going through.

As I mentioned before, having all the material possessions I could wish for didn’t make me happy. This is where pain plays a big role in life. Suffering makes you question your current situation. Suffering makes you wonder what else is out there, and helps you find alternative solutions to reach your goals. Suffering makes you humble and makes you patient and tolerant. All these qualities are necessary to find happiness.

"Often, physical or social suffering can give people an outsider’s perspective" (Brooks, 2014)

Happiness is relative to the position in life that you are in. Right now, I could put big value on my profession, but if something happens to my family, my priorities would change.

Having a meaningful life depends upon your culture, your beliefs, what you have consider your personal goals are. In my case, having a meaningful life is creating my happiness without having to hurt anybody on the way. Helping people on my way to happiness will also make my happiness more meaningful. There is a sense of peace that is found inside us which is only found when you have actively helped society and people around you. It makes you feel like if you were a good person, and it is a good feeling. It must be God inside us…

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