Mount Merapi report By: Kensington Comfort

Just days ago, I visited the infamous Mount Merapi, also known as the Mountain of Fire, to see how townsfolk reacted. Being Indonesia's most active stratovolcano, most weren't surprised by its eruption. I encountered many village people who have been devastated by the volcanoes eruption. Many lost relatives, shops, and homes. Some believe the volcano erupted because of bad omens that villagers have made, while others think it is caused by insufficient offerings.
The 9,613 ft. tall volcano has exploded multiple times since its first eruption in the 1500's. Located directly on the Ring of Fire, the volcano has large eruptions every 10-15 years. In this recent eruption, there were many people injured. The pyroplastic flow encased multiple homes, and deadly gas and ash washed over Central Java's capital.
Most of the citizens of Yogyakarta, the city located only 29.5 km away from Mount Merapi, have fled the area after the volcanoes most recent eruption. Many current residents of the city of 333, 497 have lived there their whole life, as did their relatives. I was told stories by locals of the eruption they witnessed in 2014, Merapi's last eruption before this.
Locals are grateful Merapi's most recent eruption was not as bad as it worst eruption, which occurred back in 2010, and caused many to evacuate Yogyakarta and even cities farther away. Hot clouds and thick gas covered everything, and about 38 people were killed with hundreds injured. Though the volcano has bad effects, it provides amazing soil for the locals. Thanks to and

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