Synthetic Rubber By: Natalie Solorio

Question: What is its original form? Answer:A synthetic rubber is any kind of elastomer

Describe the chemical change to make the product. Answer: The chemical change required to make synthetic rubber is petroleum-based monomers.

Question: What is its final form? Describe the physical properties of Synthetic Rubber. Answer: The form for Synthetic Rubber is mainly tires. Some physical properties of Synthetic Rubber are its solid, strong, and flexible.

Question: How does it affect the environment? Answer: - synthetic rubber causes global warming. - About 265 million tires are thrown out each year

Question: What is it used for? Answer: Synthetic Rubber is mainly used for tires because of its good properties.

Question: How has it impacted society? Answer: Synthetic rubber has impacted society because of its unregular material


Created with images by Soft Surfaces Ltd - "Rubberised SBR crumb granules artificial surface shock pad costs.jpg;" • BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives - "Workman John Seliger makes the final inspection of a new synthetic rubber tire at the Dominion Rubber plant. / À l'usine Dominion Rubber, l'ouvrier John Seliger effectue une dernière vérification d'un nouveau pneu de caoutchouc synthétique"

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