Train the Trainer Level III Tariq Butt's Learning Journal

Workshop 1

For the exercise of creating a training package I employed a Reduce, Re-use and Recycle approach. I reduced by keeping the resources simple and limited only to those which have direct influence on my workshop series. In order to re-use, I employed resources from Ted-Ed, Heads of Curriculum, Okay Samurai and Graphic Mama. I recycled by using the resources such as the elevator pitch, training plan and screencast video already created in earlier assignments in Train the Trainer I and II. My intention was to make good use of existing resources and creating a tight, focused training package that provides users an informative overview of the workshops.

Training Package

The training package is available at the following URL – https://spark.adobe.com/page/hbdimaNVWFbH5/

Workshop 2

I realized too late that I had gotten over-ambitious when developing my training plan. Delivering three two hour workshops might have done justice to the material at the design stage, but in terms of development and delivery it was a lot of work. As a result I was only able to develop and deliver a truncated version of my training. A handful of my colleagues were generous with their time and served as reviewers/learners. The feedback from the participants was collected informally and was mostly positive. Most of them would've liked to see me go into greater detail with some of the activities​. They participants appreciated the fact that I was developing group participation activities and did huddle together over a shared screen for some of the group activities, but they would have liked to see more of them in the final course. Unfortunately, the group activities only survived as prompts in the truncated version of the course.

Sharing the link to the course, while fully aware that it needs more work:


Workshop 3

​Having set myself an uphill task by creating a training plan for three 2 hour workshops with a heavy dose of group collaboration and discussion, I found myself struggling when delivering the training. Packaging the demos and tutorials in an online course format worked well, but it was difficult to get participants who were accessing the content sporadically online to discuss and collaborate. As a result, I revised the training plan to introduce greater flexibility in the activities that formally required collaboration, participation and discussion. The participants are now prompted to reflect and discuss asynchronously. These changes have been reflected in the revised training plan. All revised text has been highlighted in yellow in the revised plan. Lesson learned!!!

Final reflection

In a number of ways this course has been the exact opposite of every other Adobe Education Exchange course I have taken. Whereas in all the other courses the activities allowed me to reflect and communicate my learnings at the end of each activity, this course was heavily focused on tasks/activities and I haven't had an opportunity to properly reflect until the end. So, what have I learned...

While I am familiar with training design and delivery, I have never had this much freedom in terms of both design delivery. In the real world I have always faced time and other resource constraints in terms of both design and delivery. For this course, I decided to ignore all constraints and design a course based on best practices. I loved it. However, I should have read ahead. If I had known that delivery would be one of the requirements of this course, I would have curbed my ambition and kept the course more manageable. As it turned out, the design of the learning materials, while time consuming, did not prove to be a challenge. Having chosen to design tutorials for an app I love - Adobe Character Animator, I had great fun designing all the learning resources. Where I struggled was in delivering the discussion and collaboration aspects of the course. By sharing the course online with a handful of my colleagues who were generous with their time, I was able to get the participants to review the materials and provide feedback. However, I was unable to get them to participate and complete the group activities. I should have anticipated that. In the end, I redesigned the group collaboration components of the course to work as standalone reflection activities or as asynchronous discussion prompts.

Overall, this course was challenging, exhilarating and a great learning experience!!!


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