Alexander the Great.

Alexander was born probably on July 20, at the age of 13 years began to look for a tutor was advised by a philosopher named Aristoteles who was chosen by his father and included him a place of study called Mieza asta who turned 16 years in that Time his companions sons of different and noble Macedonians who became friendly, Ptolemy, Hefestion and Casandro were the names and in the future would be general.

When his education ended his father initiated a war with Byzantion leaving him in charge and as herederodespues that Felipe was killed in 336 BC. His legacy includes the culrural diffusion of all his conquests in which including the fund that bear his name at the beginning of his reign decided to execute several rivals by first executing his cousin Amyntas IV.

He got married 3 times the first time with Roxana that was the only wife who had for love his other reasons were for political reasons the names were Stateria II and Parysatis II both princesses. Had 2 sons one with Roxana of name Alexander IV of Macedon and probably Heracles of Macedon which had with his lover Barsine.

One of its several conquests crossed Helesponto where approximately 48, 100 soldiers and 6,100 in cavalry, fleet of approximately 120 boats and 38,800 where I try to conquer the perza imperium.

Before his death his testament concistio in that they constructed a monumental tomb for him to his father Philip, and that they tried to conquer Arabia and the Mediterranean Basin

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