"Who was Harry Houdini" By Tui T.Sutherland November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"He'd have to make the best of it. After all, he had run away from home so he could earn more money for his family. He planned to run errands, shine shoes, do any jobs he could find. Surely he could do that just as well in Missouri as he could in Texas."(pg.5)

Based on the context clues, the word "errand" means quick jobs

"He called himself "The Prince of the Air" and did stunts on a homemade trapeze hung from a tree."(pg.9)

Based on the context clues, the word "trapeze" is a circus act that involves ropes and a bar to do flips off of.

"First Harry would pick a few people from the audience--- a "committee" to examine the "apparatus". The apparatus was a tall cabinet with a trunk inside."(pg.22)

Based on the context clues, the word "apparatus" is an object that someone uses for a job.

"The change ----or "metamorphosis"---- happened so quickly it looked like real magic." (pg.27)

Based on the context clues, the word "metamorphosis" means the change in something.

"This wasn't the shabbily dressed, quiet boy of the dime museum days."(pg.49)

Based on the context clues, the word "shabbily" means worn down or weared on.

"But the first time Harry saw a plane, he knew he had to learn to fly. Not only that: he had to be apart of aviation history" (pg.58)

Based on the context clues, the word "aviation" means operating an aircraft.

"After The Master Mystery, Houdini switched to staring in full length feature films, not serials. Perhaps that was part of the problem----audiences weren't left in the same state of suspense week after week." (pg.67)

Based on the context clue, the word "serial" means a show occurring regularly every week.

"Harry sat in on a lot of seances all over the USA. He asked the mediums questions that only his mother could answer, saying that if they could really talk to the dead, they would surely be able to get the answer from her. Sometimes he even disguised himself, since a lot of mediums refused to preform a seance with Houdini in the room." (pg.94)

Based on the context clues, the word seance means a meeting with a medium to talk to the dead.

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