How the Automobile Changed History By: Diane bailey

This book takes you through all the different trends and changes that occurred over time that was affected by automobiles, and also events in history that impacted the way people looked at vehicles .

Peoples views on automobiles started out mainly as it was a way to get around easy. However people began to take more pride in their vehicles, and add their own personal touch to a vehicle.

People started wanting cars to be faster, they wanted bigger motors and lighter cars. Therefor the trend of the "Hotrod" was created.

The automotive industry made a turn with their designs and started focusing on making their cars look more aggressive.

The book explains how the automobile was made safer for people to drive, and also gives you a visual of how cars changed.

This book takes you through the history that impacted the automobile, and the people driving them. The price of fuel is one of the big factors behind cars.

It shows you the transformations of how much the automobile has changed.

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dalton glidewell


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