Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Eastern Orthodox Christianity: the Christian church comprising the local and national Eastern churches that are in communion with the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople; Byzantine Church.

Origin: former Byzantine Empire (mainly modern-day Turkey)


  • Monotheistic
  • Worship God and believe that God sent Jesus to save us all from our sins
  • Follow Jesus' teachings
  • Orthodox Christianity is the one and only church that Christ commissioned to the apostles
  • Tradition and original faith
  • Seven Sacraments
  • Means to Salvation: God's grace through faith and continuing to work on yourself

Founder and Followers

  • Founder:
  • The apostles who wanted to spread their beliefs
  • Some specifically apostle Paul/St. Paul
  • Technically broke from the Catholic Church after the Great Schism
  • Followers:
  • 200-300 million

Holy Texts and Symbol

  • Holy Texts:
  • Bible (Old and New Testaments)
  • Old Testament is typically the Septuagint version
  • New Testament is any version
  • Symbol:
  • Orthodox Cross
  • Shows Jesus on the cross

Place of Worship

  • Church
  • Lots of colors and sometimes columns with domes
  • (background)
  • When praying they often speak in "holy languages" (Arabic, Greek, Roman, etc.) even if the service is in English
  • Partake in the Eucharist often

Present Day Locations

  • Eastern Europe
  • Small amount in Africa and the Middle East
  • Mainly Russia and Siberia


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