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InDesign Class Assignment #1-Very Berry Salad Recipe

Reflection #1: Some of the websites and website assignments (Spark & Behance) were not so intuitive. Behance especially, was a little overwhelming with the amount of information out there and also trying to get back to where I started or where I wanted to be was not always easy. Spark was better, but I still wasn't sure exactly what I was supposed to be doing, even though there were some instructions in the video. The assignment in InDesign was fun though and I can see many uses where I could use this in my classes to introduce my upper level classes to a new program.

Assignment #1

InDesign Class Assignment #2-The Westie Boys Poster

Reflection #2: I had a lot of trouble finding some of the tools, like the align button for text. It wasn't easy to find or use. It also kind of threw me that the text had a highlight box behind it that wasn't seen once saved or published. InDesign kept crashing, so one more frustration on top of everything else. The shadow I put on the bone and the blend mode and outer glow I used on the Westie picture didn't show up online like it did in the open document. In the end I started to get the hang of it though and I really like the 'Publish Online' feature! I like the feature on Spark that I could link it in a button-so cool. Also, the picture of the two West Highland White Terriers, Snoopy & Carson, was taken by me and altered in Photoshop.

Indesign Class Assignment #3-Final Reflection

  • Think about your own learning: What have you learned in this course? I have learned the basics and a few tools for how to use InDesign. I have learned about and seved many valuable resources and links that I can certainly use in the future! Using the Adobe Connection, Spark and Behance were very interesting and have opened up may possibilities for lesson ideas.
  • Think about how your students might learn: Explain how it felt to be a student? I struggled as a student when I was younger and not much has changed other than having more tools in my toolbox to be able to focus better and to make myself complete assignments. I see those struggles with my students all the time. Knowing that there are many learning styles I try to provide multiple avenues for them to interact with learning: through the use of written directions, oral directions, video tutorials, website links and examples.
  • Consider the next steps to engaging your students with your new knowledge: With my Computer Graphics students, especially my upper level classes, I would like to encourage them to create portfolio sites and online Learning Journals. I know I don't do enough peer reflection, so having them give feedback on a certain number of classmates' assignments will allow them to interact in ways they haven't yet, but should: seeing what others are doing, learning how to do a proper critique and give appropriate feedback and to use their analytical skills and art vocabulary of Elements and Principles of Design to better their own work.
  • Write a short reflection on your own learning during this course: What worked for you? What was difficult? Using some of the programs I am familiar with (Photoshop & Illustrator) helped me with understanding the interface and layout of InDesign. It was also nice to be able to alter my own photos to use instead of having to use stock photos. I liked being able to work at my own pace and having the classes available to watch when it was convenient for me was nice as well. I struggled with some of the tools and finding them; I really had to dig for them but then the more I created, the more I discovered. Some of the class video was frustrating when the instructor dropped out or the screen froze. I was able to forward thrhough that but I'm sure it must have been frustrating for the live class. Finding the time to put into the class was a challenge. It was worth the time though and hopefully I will be able to explore and practice more before I introduce it to my students. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Thank you for a great class!

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