Cycle Helmets 200 word challenge

Watch the video then use the question prompts to write a 200 word response using Adobe Spark Page. Aim for about 50 words per question.

Section 1

Do you think wearing a helmet whilst cycling should be made law?

Section 2

How might being forced to wear a helmet affect the popularity of cycling?

Section 3

Why is it important to keep active through walking and cycling as opposed to travelling everywhere by car?

Section 4

How can towns and cities be designed to encourage more people to cycle?

If you need a tutorial to help you get started with Spark Page, check out the video below.


Created with images by Coen van den Broek - "Girls on Fons bikes" • Michał Parzuchowski - "Cycling around Kreutzberg (Berlin)" • Anton Shakirov - "BMX" • Larry James Baylas - "untitled image" • Darya Tryfanava - "untitled image"