Deadly BallStriking Strikes on Goal

Shooting on Target

Players constantly struggle with choosing the right technique for the right angle in the middle of the goal. The Five Deadly Strikes at LeftFoot Coaching Academy are designed to help players focus on technique and apply those strikes in game play progressions.

The "Four Box" Progression outlines four strikes in four directions.

Low Instep Drive

driven and low with no spin

First Touch

the touch across the body from the opposite foot prepares the body to shoot and crossover from the left - this is an essential progression for the player to master - the "touch across the body"

Low Corner

the body is now prepared to stride toward the ball and strike
Across the body shooting
Application of the Low Instep Drive

Beyond hitting the ball

players need to apply the techniques in game like actions -- we describe this coaching progression as "specific techniques in specific situations"

Techniques to generate power

Movement across the body

Anna is approaching the shot from across the goal and across her body
as she reaches the "flight hold" stage in the APPROACH the arms and stride in in sync
plant foot and backswing are perfectly aligned and timed
head is down and the ankle remains plantar flexed through the strike of the ball
an added "elite" technique is to "lift the striking knee" after the strike
after the follow through a back peddle completes the movement resulting in a 180º turn through technique
We'll progress from the lower left side of the goal as "placement one" - The Low Instep Drive.

Wide Angle Driven Shot Across

Aka Top Corner

in the approach of the shot - the backswing is high and the angle wide
so at the moment of contact the "face" of the shooting foot is pointed down at an angle "abnormally far" from the plant foot
the follow through drifts across the body as the shot sails away and across the goal
similar to the low driven "frog leg" the body will "torque" across releasing the hips and allowing the body to release the momentum generated through the striking motion
top corner - no spin - the perfect strike

Across the Body

The Low Instep Drive across the body
Arm is extended, and plant foot is reaching with the heel.
As we lean, the leg is snapping and the arm is coming across the body.
The ball and the face of the foot make contact, and the arm came across the body.
The beginning of the follow through starts, while the striking foot drifts across.
The plant foot is jumping off the ground, the beginning of the follow through.
The frog leg is out, and the striking foot is on the ground.
Arms and hips are rotating to open the frog leg as wide as possible.
The frog leg is opening in up as if it was an open the gate.
Back peddling starts.

Driven Shot Top Corner

Stepping into the plant foot.
Snapping the knee, with the plant foot in place.
Making contact with the ball.
Extending after making contact.
Following through after the strike, with head down.
Head comes up, and still following through.
Follow through is finished.

Driven Ball at Knee Height

Making contact with ball by snapping with the plant foot abnormally far away
Follow through starts after the ball is hit.
Follow through is finished, and the ball hits the wall at knee height.
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Christian Isquierdo


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