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We will keep this simple and quick for you

The first time through our system will take a bit longer as we have passwords to set up and get you accustomed to the process. Once you understand, future listings will take about 90 seconds for you to complete. (we said it would be quick)

The first step is to head over to our web site: www.ShowcaseExposure.com

The opening image is a slideshow so it may look different than this image

Take some time and look around through our home page. You will find a lot of information here

These are just some of the services we offer. Scroll down the page to see more!

Selecting the LEARN MORE box will bring up more information including pricing. Here is an example of our STANDARD PHOTOGRAPHY package

Now that you have an idea of what we do, head to the top of the page and select "faq"

Many of your questions will be answered here, even ones you didn't think to ask!

Now its time to take the plunge and head over to our Scheduling page

Just select the first field (Name) and you can tab your way through.

  • We will step you through this. We promise, it will be fast and easy but we would like to explain the fields the first time through so you can understand why we are asking for the information. Ready? Let's go:
  • This top section is the AGENT INFORMATION
  • Name. This is a required field for obvious reasons
  • Agency. This would be your brokerage
  • Email. This is largely how we communicate most everything like notifying you when a shoot is scheduled, when your edited images are ready, payment information and downloading.
  • Phone. If we have questions for you, we need to be able to call or text you. Please provide us your mobile number here, not the office switchboard.

Homeowner Information

  • Name. Yes, we really need to know who's home we are going into. When we knock at the door, we like to know who we are greeting. We have been stopped by watchful neighbors and even Law Enforcement, wanting to know who we are and what we are doing. Having the Homeowners name is a big help.
  • Email. We do not spam Homeowners or give their emails out to anyone. Once a shoot is confirmed, we typically send the Homeowner an email with the information. This does three things. It personalizes the photography by introducing us to them and the arranging of the photography confirms to them they will be dealing with a professional. It verifies that we have the right property address, date and time of the shoot. It also provides them with our contact information should they have any questions. It is very common for a homeowner to reach out to us and ask questions regarding photography prior to the shoot.
  • Phone. Again, we don't give this to anyone. There have been many occasions where we are standing at the front door or maybe a gated community entrance and no one is there to help us or provide access. Typically the first call we make is to the Agent but that is not always successful. We have entered homes and found a broken water pipe and water gushing everywhere. The homeowner is very thankful for a prompt call at that point. We like to keep things simple. We don't ever call a homeowner unless there is a specific and good reason to.
  • You will see that there is no asterisk for the Homeowners Information, meaning that this is not a required field to fill in. There are times and circumstances where this information is not available or appropriate to give out. We understand but simply ask for it when it is available. We will respect the homeowner and their privacy.

Property Information

  • Address. You would think this is obvious but we still need to point out a few things here. It is critical to make sure we have the correct North, South, East or West that goes along with addresses. It is also important to have the City. An address on Spokane street could be Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint or Spokane. And yes, the zip code helps as well. We don't like being late to an appointment because we are in the wrong town or right town but the wrong area of the town. Also the difference between Lane, Street, Circle or Avenue can have us in the wrong part of town. Here would also be a good place to point out another reason for us to desire the homeowners phone number. A quick call to them if we are misdirected by an address will get us back on track quickly.
  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Square Footage and Lot size. This information is needed so we know how to schedule and what equipment to have for the shoot. A 1300 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom rancher on a city lot is pretty easy for us to anticipate what we will encounter and have the correct equipment and amount of time scheduled. Now compare that to a 7000 square foot home with 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms sitting on 20 acres with a barn and outbuildings. Our equipment needs are very different for this and the amount of time we need to schedule as well. If you are not positive of the lot size, take your best guess and we are okay with that.
  • Animals Present. We really want to know if there is a Rottweiler waiting to greet us when we step into the back yard. Knowing there is a cat or dog in the house will help us to be extra cautious not to leave any doors ajar as we shoot outside views. If you don't know the answer, just enter "unknown." The next field of "please describe" give you the place to write in any and all particulars you know.

Special Notes

Here is where you can communicate anything "extra" that is not covered anywhere else on this form. Have a garage code to provide us? Put it here. Need to let us know the homeowner can only have photographs done on Thursday's. List it here. Homeowner does not speak English, travel trailer in driveway cannot be moved, make sure to capture the little water feature in the back yard, etc. Take as much space here as you need. We would rather have too much information than not enough. If you have an Administrative Assistant, this would be a great place to list their name, phone and email for us.

Services Requested

Finally here is where you let us know what you want us to do for you. Standard package plus Aerial Stills? Just check the appropriate boxes. Not really sure what package is best, select the one marked Scheduling Consult and we will contact you and discuss the shoot. You will want to check our our Services page before you start filling out this Scheduling form because if you get everything filled out to this point on the Scheduling form, then click back to the Services page to verify what you wanted.... you guessed it, the form will be blank when you come back and you will have to start over.

Scheduling Process

Here is a simple drop down menu to let us know how we are to proceed. Some homeowners only want to hear from the agent. If that's the case, select the Schedule Through The Agent selection and we will work through you for scheduling and not call the Homeowner. If this is a vacant unit with a garage code for access, select that designation and also head back up to the Special Notes and provide the access information there. If you have an unusual situation that none of these choices address, select the one that is the closest then add the additional notes in the Special Notes section.

Requested Delivery Date

Here is where you let us know when you need the photographs in your hands. We quote that photographs will be edited and available within 48 hours of the photography but we seldom take that long. We endeavor to keep the delivery to well under 24 hours but some homes just require more work in editing. This is not a good place to take shortcuts. We want it done right and that takes time. If you have circumstances that requires a special turnaround time, place that information in the Special Notes or call us to discuss. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request, within reason. We do not charge RUSH fees or premiums for quick turnaround times. Just understand we won't cut corners on quality and if you request a rush on every job you schedule we will need to have a conversation.

Copyright Information

Though this is at the end of this long list of things to remember, it is very important so please take note. There are very specific laws regarding Copyright that cover all aspects of "Created Content", which in our case refers to the images, still or video that we create.

When we are hired to photograph a home, we provide you a Copyright License to use those images in just about any fashion you need to market the property. This includes sources like the MLS, flyers, newspaper ads, magazine ads, postcards, your web site, Social Media, etc. We do not put a limitation on how you use the images to market the property. We want you to sell the property, make a hansom commission and remember to call us on your next listing for more great photography. What we need to communicate here is you are purchasing a Copyright License to use these images. You do not own the images. Whether us or any other photographer, the ownership of the images is retained by who created the images.

So what does that mean? Use the images for the marketing of the home but your license does not allow you to give or sell the images to anyone else. If the homeowner wants a keepsake photograph of their home, let us know and we will provide an image of their favorite shot to them at no charge. We will do the handoff as the image output is different for this than the images we provide you for marketing. If the builder of the home calls you and asks for an image, just redirect them to us and we can provide images to them and a Copyright License for them to use it. Your Copyright License does not extend to them. The home doesn't sell during the listing period and another agent swoops in and gets the homeowner to list with them, your Copyright License does not allow you to sell or give the images to them. Have them call us and we can arrange licensing the images to them.

All of this is common practice which has been set forth by the US Copyright Office. You see it every time you plug in a DVD or BlueRay movie to watch. You know, the warnings before the movie starts of investigation by the FBI for copying a movie with fines and jail time. Its the same Copyright Laws that govern our photography. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad information out there about image copyright and many photographers don't even understand it. You will notice the red text in the Copyright Notice in the Scheduling Form. This is a link to the legal jargon that our lawyer drew up. You are welcome to peruse this if you desire. Please understand that we are in this business to help you market properties with great photographs and don't want to do anything to get in the way of you doing just that. Simply put, just don't give or sell our images to anyone and we are fine. For us to move ahead with scheduling photography for you, you are required to check the box stating that you understand and will comply with the Copyright Laws.

Mileage Charges

This one can get a bit complicated but we will try to keep it simple. We will go just about anywhere to photograph a property, home or building. But practically speaking, when we travel it takes time and money. We pay our photographers for every mile they drive and every hour they work. Our office is in Post Falls and If we have a job to photograph in Bonners Ferry it is a three hour round trip and 158 miles. Paying at the Federal mileage reimbursement level, that 158 miles costs $82.16. In that three hours of drive time we could stay local and photograph two standard package homes, generate about $300.00 of photography and have almost no travel expense. Now, all that being said, we want to take care of our customers so we try to schedule our shoots to keep us in one area for the day. By example, if we can schedule shoots in Sandpoint, Schweitzer Mountain and Sagle all on the same day, we don't charge mileage to anyone and just absorb the expense. This business being what it is, we don't have the luxury to wait for weeks to group these jobs together. So asking you to agree to the mileage charge is in essence saying that you agree to pay the charges but if we can work our scheduling to share the mileage expense with others we can and will reduce the mileage charges or even take them away completely. Yes, this is a required agreement which you must acknowledge by checking the box or the Scheduling Form will not submit to us. If the homes you list are within 60 miles round trip of Post Falls, there is nothing here for you to concern yourself with.


So, you just submitted a Scheduling Request and wondering what happens now? You will receive an email directly letting you know that the assignment was received and we are working it into the schedule. As a first time Agent, there are a couple of other things that are set in motion. We have set up a special web site called View Shoot. Directly, you will receive an email from View Shoot asking you to set up a password. Rather than protract this document any further, please check out this link for understanding View Shoot and what it can do for you.

Phone: 208-819-1980 Email: contact@ShowcaseExposure.com

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