Abandoned farmhouse poem She may be busy, but she stays positive with the h lp of friends family and faith

She may not always have the time to keep up with her busy life, says the pile of sheets that lay apron her bed; many people say she's an athletic girl, stated the trophies that lay displayed hanging on display, also her batbag that lay in her garage; she loved the lord with all her heart, says the bible laying by her bedside in an upstairs bedroom.

She had a loving family uttered the pictures of her and her family scattered throughout the house; she doesn't have much spare time, says the pile of papers that lay upon her bed; but when she does she would spend time with here friends, says the texts that are inside of her phone; she loves to travel says the cruise card, that reminds her of of a relaxing week in the middle of one busy schedule, that is on display in her room.

May people say she's adventurous, says the duffle bag from her last travel destination full with clothes that lay on the ground in her room; her life is bright with new colors, says the newly decorated tree that lays on the wood in the fireplace room; she has been through alot says the pictures scattered through out the house of her family that she doesn't see anymore.

They have been many of the rare hours that she has at her computer, hinted the mac that is laying on top of her desk; sht always has time for friends and family, says the piles on piles of pictures on top of her desk, with her friends and family; it was always crazy busy at her house blurted out the unorganized, messy, but cozy, house

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