Cold War Era By: Katie May

The Cold War happen shortly after World War II, in 1945. There are many reasons on why this war had happened. America was afraid that communist countries would come an attack. America soon then start to build atomic bombs. This rose tension between America and Soviet Union.

Pictured America testing a nuclear bomb

The Soviet´s began to keep gaining anger on the US. They were thinking that America was caroling them. All of the conflicts became a prolonged struggle between both countries.

Berlin Blockade 1948-49

Through 1948-1949 an event called the Berlin Crisis happened. Which was a blockade to force U.S. and allies out. Soon after USSR´s president (Truman) decided to open it back up to let it be open to have a war.

Fallout Shelters

Life during the Cold War was not easy for families. People began to build under ground hiding spots to live in, called fallout shelters. They were made to protect people from the radioactive debris from nuclear explosions.

Popular movie that kept people occupied during this Era.

The culture was being reflected not only on the war but through movies, music, television, and many more. A very popular film that was played in almost every household was, ¨One the Beach¨. It was based on what was happening during the Cold War with nuclear fallout's killing many citizens.

Propaganda was a big time during this Era. This gave each country to have the power to sell their representatives to the world. It concerted attempts to demonize communism while extolling the virtues of capitalism and democracy.

Conflict Map

NATO was a treaty signed to keep countries freedom and security of its member countries by military and political means. The Warsaw Pact

Atomic Bomb

Atomic bombs, H-bomb, and nuclear bombs were a huge conflict during the Cold War. They all had different effects. Some of the effects were very crucial, such has the worst killing and hurting people terribly.

Pictured President JFK

In October of 1962, President JFK appeared on every household television, to address to America that U-2 spy planes had spotted nuclear missile sites built by the Soviets on an island in Cuba. He did not want the Soviets to find out that America soon knew there was. Kennedy wanted to warn American citizens that America possibly could be going into war with the USSR.

Pictured President Ronald Reagan and Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev

These important men both meet to talk about their plan to land missiles on Europe.

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