My culture donovan Aikens

Cultural identity is a group that people associate themselves with like ones nationality, ethnicity, religion, or social class.

The ethnicity I most identify myself by is African american.

Most of the black African ancestry of African Americans came from the Gold Coast (Ghana). Ghana, from whose shores the majority of 15 million Africans passed into slavery. The country has had a long history of encouraging the return of persons of African descent to help with the continent’s development.

The official language of the Ghanaian educational system is English. Students may study in any of eleven other languages for much of the first three years, after which English becomes the medium. Students continue to study a Ghanaian language as well as French as classroom subjects through at least the ninth grade. All textbooks and materials are in English.

There are distinctive physical traits of Ghanaian people like their noses are more round. Their hair isn't trait. There skin tone is darker than other. Most of there eye colors are brown.

One of Ghana’s more popular dishes is fried rice. Banku is a local Ghanaian dish made from corn served as orange sized balls with stews. Red Red is one dish that were made for people that have a love of beans. Smoked salmon is one traditional dish that to die for. Desserts are the main food items people that travel to Ghana tend to taste the strawberry Fool is one of Ghana’s fines.

A famous Ghanaian artist is Jeremiah Quarshie. His 'Yellow is the Colour of Water' were so widely shared on social media. Exhibited at Gallery 1957 in Ghana's capital Accra, Quarshie’s portraits featured a cross section of women from modern Ghanaian society. The show generated the local press and attracted high profile art buyers from museums in the US and West Africa. His art was visited by world famous Ghanaian artist El Anatsui.

jazz is a popular genre to people of my ethnicity.

Football is Ghana's most popular sport. Ghana's big fields make it an ideal place to play and coach the beautiful game of soccer. Boxing also enjoys success in Ghana alongside a number of newer sports such as basketball, and tennis. Ghana is one of a very few African countries that has participated in the Winter Olympics which they did for the first time in 2010.

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