Cellular Resperation

Glucose + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water + ATP

This Is the equation of Cellular Respiration. It goes through three processes to finish.Those prepossesses are Glycolisis, The Krebs Cycle, and THE Electron Transport Chain.


This process makes pyruvate and APT and its reactants are glucose and oxygen. This all takes place in cytoplasm

The Krebs Cycle produces Carbon Dioxide, ATP, FADH2 and its inputs are pyruvate, CO2 ,and ATP. This occurs in the mitochondrea

The Electron Transport Chain

Electron Transport Chain Produces Water, and ATP and takes in NADH and NADH+. This occurs in the mitochondria cristae.

On a local level Cellular Respiration is important because it creates energy for our cells to function and keep us healthy and living. On a global level it is important because it creates Carbon Dioxide which fuels plants and they make Oxygen out of it and it just goes around and around keeping everything alive.

Sources: Glycolisis and Cellular Respiration Notes

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