Athletes drink sport drinks such as water, water with vitamins, drinks with electrolytes, and drinks with a fruit or vegetable’s to keep there self hydrated for sports, workouts, and more.


A drink filled with electrolytes that will give you energy for a certain amount of time. After a while the energy will run out and you will be tired again. It is mostly used to re-hydrate after a very long workout. It is a Little bad for you too, but one once a while is OK to have. Just don't over do it because Gatorade is loaded with tons of added sugar

Vitamin Water

A drink that is used to get vitamins into your body through a liquid. Some people use as drink during a sport or a workout, but it is not needed because you do not lose vitamins through sweat.Great for vitamin C and E. Wouldn't drank everyday because you usually don't lose to much vitamins in a short period of time.

Great lake

Drank that is pretty much all over the world. It is the most natural drink in the world. Water is great for re-hydration because it naturally already comes with electrolytes.Should also drank water every day no matter what because our bodies need it too function well.


A drink that is great for recovery such as after a sport,workout, or run. Has vitamins and electrolytes in one drink.Also has coconut water which is good for your skin too.

Aloe Water

Aloe water is not the healthiest choice,but is good for some things too. It is good for hydrating your skin,protects the body from stress,prevents kidney stones, and more.Bad because most brands add extra sugars that are not needed in the drank. They add for flavor,but it also makes it high in sugars and calories.

What drink is the best?


water is the best because it gives you electrolytes and minerals.It is all natural and no sugars. NO everything, so you don't need to worry about burning off any extra calories, and water flushes out toxins.

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