Carving By: Natalie L.

I chose to do an elephant carving because elephants are my favorite animal. They are one of the smartest animals, and They are beautiful and majestic.

I only wanted to carve the main outline, so I didn't do many details. I wanted it to be simple and clean. I made sure that the brush was big enough so it would carve. At first I just wanted the elephant but then eventually wanted my name under it.

I had to go back into photoshop to make the brush a bit bigger. I had to adjust the depth. I changed it from just a regular fill outline to a double outline to emphasize it a little more. In Easel I added my name in bold letters. To get it into Easel I had to save the final outline to my file, then drag and drop it into my document in Easel.

The Carvey worked really well. There were no complications. The process was really quick and easy. It don't take very long so that way I could take a time lapse of it

My project turned out just the I wanted to actually. I didn't plan to have my name that billed but it actually looks really cool. My favorite part of the project is the elephant, I'm super proud of how it turned out. I really liked this project.

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