The War of the Roses Soraya Zerwig

The House of Lancaster symbolized red roses and the House of York symbolized white roses.

Henry VI was mentally ill and often had anxiety attacks to where he couldn't even eat.

Richard III was in the House of York. He was known for being very violent.

The last battle in the War of the Roses was between Henry Tudor, from the House of Tudor, and Richard III, from the House of York. The House of Tudor was victorious.

527 years after his death, Richard III's body was found under a parking lot in Leicester. Scientists determined that it was his DNA.

Richard III locked two of his nephews in the Tower of London. After some time, they mysteriously disappeared, their bodies being found centuries later.

The House of Lancaster and the House of York both believed themselves the rightful kings of England, but the House of Tudor ended up winning the War of the Roses.


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