Exploring the nude Life drawing classes

Why life drawing?

Life drawing is a key skill for most artistic disciplines, from artists, to potters, sculptors and print-makers. The human form is the source of endless fascination from dance and gymnastics, to fashion and animation. Capturing the movements, gestures, expressions and postures of the human body is both a challenge and a joy.

All drawing techniques come into play when drawing a nude life model. Exploring shape, form, negative spaces, perspective and colour are brought together in life drawing. Coupled with this the body offers so much more to capture such as facial expressions, posture, anatomy and gestures.

My Approach

I enjoy exploring different styles, techniques and media from pastel, charcoal, chalk and pencil, to watercolour and even clay and all these media ideally lend themselves to life drawing.

During life drawing I enjoy exploring the form, the smooth curves and angular shapes, the challenge of portraying the weight and solidness of the body, the curve of the spine, hand gestures and movement, and of course perspective and foreshortening. I particularly enjoy exploring the subtle colours that make up skin tones from blues and purples to oranges, yellows and even turquoise.

I find life drawing heightens my observational skills and abilities to create shape and form which in turn increases my skill for all other subjects including landscapes, flowers and wildlife drawing. A good painting starts with a great drawing.

About Me

My name is Sue Searle and I have been drawing, painting and selling my art for over 40 years. I now run an Arts Centre in Tiverton called the Oak Room where I teach art classes in watercolour, pastels and drawing. I am very excited to now be teaching life drawing.

Sue Searle

Where did my passion for life drawing start? During my 'O' Level back in 1974 I did a whole project on drawing hands, (they were a challenge to me,) using many different techniques. I did not properly learn life drawing until 'A' Level a year later when, after getting over my teenage awkwardness of a naked person sitting in front of me, I was hooked.

I have regularly attended life drawing classes and groups for over 40 years, and have also enjoyed just sketching people on the TV, in the park, or on the beach.

This has become a lifelong passion and interest for me. I especially enjoy creative classes where I can explore different techniques and media. I particularly love to create colourful pictures using soft pastels on coloured or black paper.

I have been teaching watercolour, pastel and drawing classes for the last couple of years at the Oak Room Arts Centre in Tiverton and have found I have a gift for helping people to develop their artistic skills.

Join me now for the next chapter... Life Drawing Classes.

Art classes on the terrace at the Oak Room
"I can't believe it! I created an amazing watercolour on my first lesson and I am a complete beginner! Sue has such a gift for teaching!"

Life drawing classes

Weekly starting on Tuesday 9th May 2017

7pm - 9pm

I teach with my fellow tutor, Ken Maharajah who is a skilled people painter and enthusiastic and passionate teacher.

Places are limited so book NOW to avoid missing this unique opportunity to work with us and gain new skills.

It's easy to book, just email oakroomtiverton@gmail.com or see our website www.oakroomtiverton.com/artgallery

£59 for 4 weeks payable in advance.


All photos copyright Sue Searle

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