Our Habitat Project Mrs. Flores' class

Our Earthworm's Habitat

We constructed our habitats using different materials. We modeled the soil layers.

Then we began preparing food for the earthworms habitat.

We used orange and grapefruit peels.

We also added fresh apple slices, cut very small. Then we waited and watched to see what they took down to their burrows.

Then we began to investigate and learn about our earthworms.

We looked for their blood vessel and other body parts.

Identified the anterior and posterior. They have different colors and shapes.

Investigated if they liked light. We found out they don't like the light.

We recorded all of our findings in our Science journals.

We also measured them to see how long they were. It's a good thing we studied mixed numbers in math.

We also learned how to handle them. It was fun!

Earthworm Tellagami

We made a couple of Tellagami's with the information we learned. The Tellagami's will be shared with second grade when they come to visit.

Second grade came to visit us after mass on Friday.

We used our Science journals to tell them all we had learned.

We helped them find the earthworm's blood vessel.

We showed them how to measure the earthworm.

We showed them the difference in the anterior and posterior.

We answered all of their questions. They had a lot of questions.

Second grade had fun learning about the earthworms and so did we. It was a great week!

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