Exchange Venray November 17.-22. 2019

Sunday 17.11

On Sunday we met at 4 pm at our school in Mülheim and without any traffic jam we arrived in Venray one hour later. When we arrived we saw the families waiting to pick us up. We went to their homes. There the parents prepared some spaghetti for us. After that we watched the movie Jumanji. Then we played some games. After this communicative dinner we went to bed.

Venray is a rural town, 80 km away from Mülheim. Venray has only 25.0000 inhabitants.

Santa Claus 🎅 has already arrived.

Monday 18.11.

We woke up and had breakfast. We ate bread with chocolate. It was very tasteful. After breakfast we drove to school by bike. At first we had a tour in school and after this we had a break. Then we had 2 lessons with the Dutch students. We had Maths and Geography. It was very interesting to see how it’s here in Holland. Then we had another break and afterwards we went to the city and looked for a church and other famous sites of Venray. (Schnitzeljagd) Around 3 pm we had to work on our program. In the evening we had dinner in a restaurant in the city with Sara and Zoe.

Impressions of the Raayland college in Venray.

Tuesday 19.11.

Today we woke up at 7 pm. Then we ate breakfast and got ready for the day. At school we met the other people and then we drove by bike to the windmill in Mersello. After the tour we went to a German soldier cemetery. On this cemetery 32.000 people are burried. The tour was very interesting and we learned more about the German soldiers. At the end of the bicycle tour we were at the church of Venray. At 16:15 o'clock Iza and Evi (our exchange students) picked us up and we watched a film at home. After dinner we went to the party. There we danced, sang and had lots of fun together.

Merselo windmill

Grains of 🌾

Cold, freezing cold 🥶

Victims of the Second World War: 32.000 dead in this cemetery!

Memorial of the war

Volks Trauer Tag 17.11.

Young and old, men and women, Dutch and Germans: the youngest buried here was only 2 days old.

Petrus in Ketten- Petrus in chains - a very old and important church in the Netherlands

Wednesday 20.11.

Today we woke up at 8:00 o'clock. Then we ate breakfast and got ready for the day. At half past 8 we drove to school and from there we went to a war museum. There a guide told us a lot about the second world war. It was really interesting. After the tour we drove back to school. We worked on our projects of the week. At 4 pm we went by bike 🚲 to a bowling hall. We had a lot of fun and tried typical Dutch food like frikandel, bitterballen and cassis and warme chocomel! It was a very nice day.

Propaganda of the war

History of Jews in Amsterdam

Biografies of Dutch people

Thursday 21.11.

We woke up and got ready for the day.

We met at school and went to the VAP (Venrays arbeits Praktikum) there we saw a lot. After the VAP we went to the city and had free time. After this we went to school and worked on our project.

At 14:15 o’clock we went to a klompenmaker. The klompenmaker was very friendly and explained the whole process of making wooden shoes. In the evening we went to a chinese restaurant. It was very delicious and we had a lot of fun there.

Friday 22.11.

I woke up at 8:00 am and we went to school by car. In school, we presented our reports about the German city of Xanten to the parents and our group. Xanten, Mülheim, Dutch and German culture. WOW 🤩 so many interesting facts about our 2 countries Deutschland 🇩🇪 and Niederlande 🇳🇱.

After that, we got a cookie and we evaluated the project: what was good and what could have been better during our stay in the Netherlands . At noon, we drove home to Mülheim/Ruhr.

VIELEN DANK -Thanks 😊 bedankt...

Thank you for the your time and efforts. Pupils, teachers of both schools and parents hosting the kids during the project! Friendship and hospitality can grow with your help!! The German Brost Foundation makes the financial part possible... thank you for this wonderful project!

GROSSES DANKESCHÖN an alle Schüler und Schülerinnen, Lehrer und Lehrerinnen und Eltern. Die Brost Stiftung finanziert unser Projekte und macht diese tolle Aktion überhaupt erst möglich.

Andrea Borchardt