The Business Secrets of the Impressionists (4/10) The Mission

The young and idealist Impressionists refused to be told what to paint by the Academy of Fine Arts.
They also believed that Art was suffocating in France, that its production was being controlled by old-fashioned individuals.
They were convinced that their country would gain a lot by opening up to the world...
... that French citizens would appreciate, in due time, to see one another - and the world they lived in - as respectable subjects for Art.
Their world, their lives... mattered!
For the Impressionists, it was time to kick Greek mythology and religion out of French Art, and focus on painting the beauty in the world around them.

So, that night, at the café Guerbois, in 1873, they decided to make a difference.

They gave themselves the mission to "Change Art in France" or "To Free Art", a highly ambitious and bold mission.
A bold mission indeed, for the Academy of Art was an omnipotent institution.
The Academy stood between the Impressionists, and the success that they craved.
Powerful academy's members had infiltrated all levels of France's artistic institutions.
As a result, most institutions rewarded paintings which celebrated Antiquity, and painters using techniques from the past. Most works seemed to originate from the same mould.
The Impressionists rebelled against such a rigid mould.
As a consequence, they were rejected by the mainstream.
Prior to the Impressionist revolution, other artists contested the Academy, such as :
Gustave Courbet
Eugene Delacroix
François Millet
Camille Corot
Johan Jongkind
and Virgillio Diaz.
However, contrary to Monet and his friends, these painters used techniques which did not differ substantially from the academicians, except for their subjects.
Perhaps their recipes needed additional ingredients ?
That is exactly why Claude Monet and his comrades decided to rebel.
They kept on going, for years, unrecognized until...
... the world of Art began an astonishing metamorphosis.

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