Miski Organic Superfoods Inc., the parent company of Miski Organics® and Miski Good Foods™, is a family-owned Canadian business started by sisters Mariella Irivarren and Lía Ponce in 2016. Based in Barrie, Ontario, the company provides nutrient-rich, certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free products to support healthy lifestyles for people everywhere.

Combining their love for organic superfoods with a deep-rooted passion for sustainability cultivated by their Peruvian heritage, Mariella and Lía are dedicated to providing families with a growing selection of exceptional products, “From the heart of the land to the heart of your home.”®


Ancient Peruvian influence

The story of Miski Organic Superfoods Inc. (Miski) begins in the lands of Peru, where founders and sisters Mariella and Lía grew up. They learned about the Ancient Incas at a young age – how their ancestors worshipped the land and developed some of the most sophisticated agricultural systems to date. From the beginning, the sisters were taught about the direct impact of what are known today as superfoods on the strength and vitality of Inca farmers.

Health challenges and a life-changing idea

Lía uncovered her talent for cooking at an early age, though health issues led her to explore healthier food alternatives. Eventually, she opened an organic and gluten-free bakery with her daughters using superfoods with a low glycemic index.

Later, in Canada, one of Mariella’s daughters discovered the health benefits of organic foods. Her experience opened Mariella’s eyes not only to the benefits of consuming organics, but also the adverse effects that chemicals, hormones and antibiotics have on our bodies and the environment. When Ricardo, Mariella's husband – and now Miski president – experienced a health scare, Mariella was disappointed in the lack of healthy options available at the hospital. The ordeal solidified the need for healthy alternatives.

During a family trip, Mariella and Lía discussed the importance of organic superfoods to a healthy and balanced diet – and the conversation sparked a life-changing idea. Miski was born, built on a foundation of the sisters’ knowledge of superfood ingredients, their dedication to Peruvian heritage and their passion for sustainability.

Supporting rural communities in Peru

When she was 13 years old, Mariella took a family trip to the Andes. She remembers the poor living conditions – farmers didn't have training, knowledge or capacity to export their products, so their revenues were limited to what they could sell at the Sunday market plaza.

Since then, the area has seen a big boom in agriculture and the superfood business, helping families out of poverty and into self-sustaining businesses. Miski contributes to the revitalization of the region by sourcing ingredients from farmers in Peru’s coastal valleys, Andean mountains and the Amazon region. The company is committed to helping improve living conditions in rural communities, keeping farmers employed and transitioning communities from economic instability to self-sufficiency.

"Supporting rural communities in Peru is a passion for us. We're not only making healthy foods more accessible, but we are supporting healthy communities." — Mariella Irivarren


  • Miski Organics® carries 28 foods across six categories.
  • Miski Good Foods™ carries 12 products across five categories.
  • Miski is the only company in Canada to offer Sacha Inchi Butter, an antioxidant-rich peanut butter alternative made from roasted sacha inchi seeds; and Dehydrated Lime Juice Powder, a 100% natural, easy to prepare alternative to fresh-squeezed limes.
  • The company added four new products to its lineup in 2021, including the Vegan and Gluten-Free Pancake Mix and Waffle Mix, Maca Cacao Blend, Chocolate Covered Fruits and Lime Juice Powder.
  • All products under the Miski Organics® brand are made with certified organic ingredients.
  • Miski Organics® and Miski Good Foods™ products are made with ingredients that are organic, vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, kosher-certified, sustainability sourced and fairly traded.
  • Miski locally sources their packaging from suppliers that use renewable energy.
  • Raw ingredients are sourced mainly from Peru and Latin America, and all packaging is sourced from Canadian suppliers.


All of Miski Organics® products are organic certified, while Miski Good Foods™ products are made with certified organic ingredients but not all of them bear the organic certification logo. Both brands focus on vegan, GMO-free, clean label, fairly traded and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Most of Miski Organics® products are sourced from Peru, while some Miski Good Foods™ products are sourced from various Latin American countries and even as far as Asia.



Vegan and Gluten-Free Pancake and Waffle Mix: This ready-mix is made from a quinoa and cassava flour blend, processed in a kosher-certified and allergen-free facility. Just add water to make vegan, gluten-free pancakes and waffles.

Maca Cacao Blend: The cacao blend is perfect to make healthy hot chocolate, or to add a shot of antioxidants to smoothies. It's made from unroasted cacao powder, which preserves the powerhouse nutrients in cacao.

Chocolate Covered Fruits: Perfect as a snack or a gift, these chocolate-covered pineapples, golden berries and other sweet fruits offer a vegan alternative to chocolate treats.

Coming Soon: Miski is cooking up two new products, including dark chocolate bark clusters with puffed amaranth and a vegan gluten-free cookie mix.


Consumers are becoming more food savvy and demanding sustainable products that promote healthy eating. Miski has seen this firsthand, watching sales triple in the past four years as food lovers seek healthy alternatives that don’t compromise on taste. In 2020, the company moved their production facility to Barrie, ON, so they could grow operations in anticipation of further expansion throughout the United States and the acquisition of more retail partnerships.


Restaurants, bars, food companies and at-home bakers often require fresh limes to juice into their foods and cocktails. Miski is the first company in Canada to offer a non-perishable alternative, which debuted in 2021. The coveted Dehydrated Lime Juice Powder is made from natural lime juice, and can be easily added to drink mixes, dressings, salsas, marinades, guacamole, seafood and snacks.


Sachi Inchi Butter – a healthy peanut butter alternative – is a popular spread in Peru. Currently, Miski is the only company in Canada to sell this nut-free alternative and is only one of two companies in the United States. The creamy, cholesterol-free spread is made from roasted sacha inchi seeds, lending a nutty flavour and infusing the condiment with a high concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Spread it over toast or add to smoothies and other snacks. Miski also offers a chocolate version for those who love Nutella.


Mariella L. Irivarren, Co-Founder & Director of Operations and Compliance

Mariella L. Irivarren is the director of operations and compliance, and co-founder of Miski Organic Superfoods Inc. Born in Peru, Mariella learned from a young age about the ancient Incas and how they developed some of the most sophisticated agricultural systems of all time. Her knowledge about the importance of organic foods in a healthy and balanced diet, along with a dedication to her Peruvian heritage and passion for sustainability, inspired the concept of Miski.

“Didn’t even know canihua existed until recently. Great alternative to quinoa, easy to cook, great consistency, and tasty for being an otherwise plain grain. Packaging looked good too and the nutritional value was excellent.” — Miski customer, Craig C

Lía Ponce, Co-Founder

Lía Ponce is co-founder of Miski Organic Superfoods Inc. The eldest of six children, Lía grew up in Peru, where she developed a passion for cooking and baking – even at a young age, she cooked full meals for the entire family. As a mother, she has passed on her passion for cooking to her two daughters, with whom she started a home-based organic and gluten-free bakery. They also founded Devorata, a home-based specialty handcrafted donut shop.

Through her quest to find healthier ingredients, Lía connected with Peruvian farmers and producers of organic, GMO-free superfoods, and started using these products in her recipes. During a family trip, she discussed the importance of organic superfoods in a healthy and balanced diet with her sister Mariella, which sparked the idea for Miski.

“A caffeine-free tea that is as satisfying and bold as green or black tea, but with the addictive taste of dark chocolate. It’s lighter and smoother than hot chocolate, and is best served without any sweetener to pick up on its naturally sweet, bitter and earthy flavour.” — Miski customer, Sarah Y

Ricardo C. Irivarren, President

Ricardo C. Irivarren is the president of Miski. Born in Peru, Ricardo is proud to bring top-quality Peruvian products to Canadian consumers. After a health scare, he transitioned his diet to organic and superfood ingredients – and he hasn’t looked back since.

Mariella Irivarren, Part-Owner, Director of Marketing & Community Relations

Mariella Irivarren is part-owner and director of marketing & community relations and proud daughter of Miski co-founder, Mariella and president Ricardo.

Mariella is also the inspiration behind Miski. A proud vegan and health and wellness advocate since 2013, Mariella introduced her family to organic, plant-forward and health-focused foods as a way to encourage them to lead healthier lifestyles.

Coming from a family history of heart disease and cancer, Mariella wanted to break the pattern and take charge of her own health, deciding to lead by example through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Her passion for healthy habits makes Mariella the ideal "target market" of Miski, adding a valuable consumer perspective to the business and its products.


Miski Organics® offers 28 products across 6 categories:

  1. Andean Grains & Seeds
  2. Dried Superfruits
  3. Superfoods
  4. Flours and Cereals
  5. Raw Cacao and Derivatives
  6. Superfood and Derivatives
  7. Ready Mixes
  8. Craft Chocolate
  9. Flour and Flakes
  10. Dehydrated Fruit Powders

Miski Good Foods™ has 12 products across 5 categories:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Drink Powders & Blends
  3. Gluten Free Flours
  4. Grains, Nuts & Seeds
  5. Oils, Sauces and Seasonings


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