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Chapter 1: TwentyeightOHsix Laodicea drive (Day 1)

On Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at approximately 8:04 pm, my world stopped. The feelings I felt in that very moment was three times worse than all the heart breaks that came across my path through the years. I remember just like it was yesterday. This very moment keeps playing over and over in my head even though the memory is becoming a tad bit faint. I was sitting on my couch in Greensboro, North Carolina watching a movie. My subconscious said Erica, give your grandmother a call. And let me tell y'all, I am one of those people that procrastinates with every thing I do in life, EVERYTHING! But on this particular day, for once I listened to that voice.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! The phone still consistently rings after about two calls. My body is in an complete shock right now. I knew I was an hour and some change away so I had to put on my thinking cap. Cliché I know but my light bulb wasn't going to stop until I heard from my granny.

I called my great granny, better known as Maha (May-huh). "Hey, grandma! Have you talked to my grandma? She's not answering. What's Jabo number?". I really felt like my body was doing something it had never done before. Better yet, I was experiencing an experience in life I’ve never experienced before. So let me put this into visualization for you. Pretending to be patiently waiting for Maha to find Jabo’s number my hands were shaking, words uttering, mind racing and tears rolling. Long story short, my life had flashed right before my eyes in a split second. My heart instantaneously sunk into my esophagus. “Grandma, please pick up the phone”, was the only repetitive thing going on in my head at that moment. It's kind of cliché to say that I needed to put on my thinking cap because I was in Greensboro, NC. I immediately called granny's neighbor which happens to also be our cousin. Robert Banks, better known as Jabo (jeh-bo). “Jabo, can you please go check on my grandmother, she’s not answering the phone.” Very Calmly he responded & said cuz I just left from over there not to long ago from taking her some food," as he swiftly trampled in her house . All I heard in the background was “Cuz, you in here? You ok?” Then I heard a squeal. Not a regular squeal. A grown man’s squeal. He yells, “Erica call the rescue squad right now. Right now you hear me. Shirley’s in hear having seizures and foaming at the mouth”. As nervous as I was I had to hold it together. “Yes, I need a rescue squad at TwentyeightOHsix Laodicea drive please”.

Don't let the Doctor write your story, tell it nor end it.

Chapter 2: Miracle Worker

We have good days & some bad days but the good definitely outweighs the bad. My grandmother is suffering from short term memory loss and her long term memory is slowly but surely fading away. But today is March 4th & the Doctor said my granny wouldn't make it until today. If you are a non-believer, now is the time to believe. I don't care what or whom your higher power is. Witnessing miraculous experiences like this takes you to that higher place.


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