Rit'Mundo Music to Grow

Ritmundo supports people and organizations to empower and inspire individuals in living a more meaningfull life that impacts in both personally and professionaly . Through multidisciplinar aproaches like music, movement, laughter and singing we develop happiness, wisdom & success

100 Drums

for Inner Transformation

Reconnect with your inner rhythm and find Joy and Passion for Life!

A Sacred march to Honor Mother Earth, our Ancestors, our Spirit and Animal Guides and all living beings.

An Intentional prayer for healing, enlightenment, expansion and evolution of Consciousness.

A Celebration of Love and Life.

We bring you 100 Drums to play and take part in this Universal Prayer.

Listen your inner rhythm

Rhythm is one of the oldest and most efficient way to develop human consciousness.

Often, our modern society makes us lose touch with our own inner rhythm, causing us to feel increasingly unaligned and unsynchronized.

Awake your Body & Mind

Through the practice of percussion is possible to awaken and develop social, mental, creative, musical and spiritual faculties able to reconnect with the healing powers of rhythm and vital movement.

The rhythm is our oldest companion, the first guide to life. As we grow in our motherĀ“s womb we feel a state of oneness with the environment around us, the "pulse" and "pause" heart prepare us for the duality and the polarity of the world in which we were born.

Celebrate Life

It is fascinating to know that communities and tribes celebrate the music, dance and rhythm to heal, empower, motivate, inspire and strengthen the individual and collective consciousness.

For thousands of years these communities have developed simple techniques, which has in the background the free and creative expression of sound, music and subtle body language.

This memory is still alive today in each of us, this whisper still today runs our body like a breath of hope, as a challenge to liberation.

Trance Dance Ritual

Dance ... Search ... Free yourself ... Free your Soul ...

"Dancing is part of humanity ... We dance because we are alive!"

For thousands of years men and women dance to awaken the divine in us!

Originally all dance was sacred. Direct connection with Spirit in all manifestations. We danced the animals that we hunted; the power of the elements; The Earth, Sun and the Moon. Through dance, our ancestors, developed intuition and instinct necessary for their survival.

Trance Dance draws upon this sacred heritage, Trance Dance is a sacred ritual of reunion with our inner world, a journey of rediscovery and connection that provides a deep state of consciousness.

Trance Dance is a contemporary technique created by Frank Natale and Wilbert Alix, inspired by shamanic traditions more than 40,000 years, is a circle, a space, a place where music and dance come together in a magical encounter with yourself that allows explore new realities and new perspectives for the answers we all seek.

In the beginning of the Ritual you place a bandanna over your eyes. Allowing you to access a darkness that compels you to see through the heart instead of the eyes;

Specific breath technics will assist the dancer to release from the conscious mind.An intention is placed and you just have to surrender to the dance.

Trance Dance is a unique blend of body / mind, therapeutic techniques and breathing. Together stimulating a trance-like state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical vitality and emotional well-being.

Reconnect with the healing power of FIRE!

Dance the lightness of AIR!

Flow like WATER!

Root yourself on EARTH!



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