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Budapest: 1956

In 1956 a revolution happened in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The revolution first started as college students protesting the Soviet puppet government in Hungary. When they marched to the radio station to broadcast their message they were fired upon by the ÁVH, or the brutal, Hungarian, communist, secret police. After that militias were formed, and Soviets and ÁVH were executed in the streets. After brutal fighting with Hungarian communists and ÁVH, a new government was formed and the ÁVH was disbanded. The new government intended to withdraw Hungary from the Warsaw Pact, and make Hungary a democracy with free elections. This new government unfortunately didn’t last, as other members of the Warsaw Pact wanted to leave and become democracy, so Khrushchev, the leader of USSR after Stalin’s death, decided to make an example. Soviet tanks were sent to Hungary to re-establish the totalitarian communist government. The tanks were met with fierce opposition from Hungarian rebels, who threw Molotov cocktails into the hatches, burning the tank crews alive. However, these small victories didn’t matter much, soon Hungary was invaded by Soviets and forced into a communist state. Large numbers of Hungarians left Hungary to capitalist states. My grandfather included.


Crack is pretty much cocaine that can be smoked. Though the high is short, crack is the most addictive form of cocaine. In 1984 and 1985, the drug appeared in many different inner city neighborhoods in New York City, Miami, and LA. This was called the Crack Epidemic. It has many bad side effects, especially with pregnancy, like miscarriages, and babies becoming addicted to cocaine because of their mothers.

Two grams of crack-cocaine

Arturo Toscanini

Arturo Toscanini was an Italian conductor, who was well-known for being intense and keen on perfectionism. Toscanini became a renowned conductor in Brazil, while on tour, at only the age of 19, conducting Aida by memory. Eventually he traveled to America, and even though he was Italian, he was a very well known house-hold name in America before his death in January 16, 1957.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was a communist revolutionary in Cuba. Castro was the son of a wealthy Cuban farmer, who later adopted anti-imperialist ideas when studying law at University of Havana. He took part in many revolutions in Central and South America and was an enemy of the US and other NATO countries. He eventually took control of the Cuban government with a violent revolution. He died in 2016.

Red china

China became communist on October 1st, 1949. The communist party or CPC, Communist Party of China, led by Mao Zedong took control, destroying the opposing parties in a brutal civil war that was taking place before and after World War II. It has been the single ruling party in China since its take over in 1949. Around the 1980s, China began normalization with countries that did not share China's communist agenda, specifically the US. Since the fall of communism in Europe, China has been trying to reunite with its communist neighbors.

Brooklyn's Got a winning Team

For the first time in history, the Brooklyn Dodgers won the 1955 World Series. Since the team joined the MLB League in 1884, in 1955, it was the first time the Dodgers won.

Santayana Goodbye

In 1952, George Santayana, a notable philosopher and author, unfortunately died. He was born in December 1893, and was a well known critical thinker, and Harvard professor.

THe Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is a controversial book, published in 1951. It seemed controversial in many schools to because of the vulgarity, the binge-drinking, and racial slurs. It was wrote by J. D. Salinger.


A Reproduction of Sputnik

Sputnik was a Russian satellite. As a matter in fact Sputnik was the first artificial satellite in space. Sputnik was launched in 1957, leading to fear in the United States.

Space Monkey

During the Space Race, the US, USSR, and other countries would send primates to space, to check how hard it would be to survive in the vacuum of space. Many of the monkeys were anesthetized before the flight to lower the shock value of the monkeys.

Trouble in The suez

The Suez Crisis was when Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal. Israel was angered by this, so they invaded Egypt in October 29, 1956. Israel was an ally of the West, so France and Britain helped with the invasion, however, Egypt was allied with the Soviet Union. This action by the French and British almost caused the Soviets to join with the Egyptians.

Syngman Rhee

Syngman Rhee was a South Korean politician, who was the first president of South Korea. He was cooperative with the West, more specifically the United States. Rhee was born in northern Korea, when Korea was still unified.


The sources I used for textual information were Wikipedia and History. I also used Wikipedia, IIP Digital, The Huntington Post, Focolare, Avax, Encyclopedia Britannica, MikeLanceWorld History- Wikispaces, and Vox for pictures.

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