Neptune By: Mary Macdonald


The diameter of Neptune is 49,528/3.88 x Earth.

The orbital period(year) 165 Earth years,the length of day is about 16.1 Earth hours.

The average distance from the sun is 4,450 to 4,540 miles.

Neptune was the god of the sea in Roman mythology, approximately equivalent to the Greek god Poseidon.

the temperature on Neptune,it ranges to -223 to -220 degrees Celsius.

ancient Roman religion and mythology, Neptune was the god of the sea. He was originally a god of freshwater, but after the Romans identified him with the Greek sea god Poseidon, he took on Poseidon’s characteristics

Neptune’s wife, Salacia, may originally have been the goddess of spring water

The Romans celebrated Neptune’s festival, called the Neptunalia, on July 23, in the heat of summer when water was scarcest

Like Poseidon, Neptune is usually shown in art as a bearded man holding a trident (a fishing spear)


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