Sports vs Video Games. By:josh Nuttall

I love video games, but I'm not a fan of sports. Lots of people say that sports are way better than video games, and video games are a waste of time and they rot your brain. Which is not true, but anyway I have decided to compare video games and sports. I will give one or the other a point if they do better in these categories mentally, physically, financially, and socially. So let's get started.

First let's start with the easiest one physically. I think that we all know which one wins and that's sports.

Video games have no physical enhancements at all.

So sports gets the first point.

The second category is mentally, which is a little easy too.

Sports can teach strategy and out of the box thinking (which I mostly learned from the movie Space Jam), but the winner of this round is video games.

Science shows that video games can teach problem solving, team work, out of the box thinking, science, logic, survival, hand eye coordination, even math and spelling. So video games gets a point.

Third is financially.

The average NFL player makes $860,000 a year, but some make about 20 million a year.

Some of the internet’s biggest gamers make about 400k a month.

This section was close, but the winner of this section is video games only barely winning because some video game makers are super rich.

Last but not least is socially.

Sports can have meet a lot of people. Especially if you play professionally

Trough video games you can meet people from all other the world, but likes are that you will not stay in touch or even talk again.

That's why sports win this one.

So we ended off with a tied score. You probably expected this, but I think you should good mix of outside activity and video games

That's just my personal opinion and you might have different one. So this competition ends with a tie

Also if I wanted to I would totally make videogames win everything


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