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"The world of Art has never seen anything like this"


"RAAntonius is the only artist in the world, which derives his style of art from the deepest secrets of cosmology."


About me:

My art name is Richard A. Antonius (my real name is: Ryszard Antoniszczak) I was born 1947 in Nowy Sącz, Poland. I live and work in Sweden and Spain. I am visual artist, graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland. I am a graphic artist, book illustrator, painter, animator, film director and writer.

I was a film director at legendary Animated Film Studio in Kraków, where I created many films, awarded at numerous festivals.

I am the author of two big novels in Polish: CZAS BEBOKA (The Time of Boogeyman) and OMNIUM. ( With my own book covers and illustrations.)

In this PORFOLIO I would like to present my new art style CREO+ART. This unique aesthetic system is the result of my artistic and philosophical attempts to depict the origin and mechanism of the Universe. So yes, this is some kind of SciArt.


In my two novels (especially in OMNIUM) and also in my essay ”The Antonius Code” (in English) available on Amazon or HERE I reveal the principles and details of my theory-hypothesis of ”Concentrical Cyclic Universe.”

In my world science & art intersect.

(There was a Swedish painter Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) a pioneer of abstraction, who tried to paint the mechanism of the Universe as mystical cosmic diagrams. She never showed her abstract works, fearing that she would not be understood.)

Creo+Art portrait and self-portrait. Computer graphics on canvas.

Now enjoy the beauty of my fascinating new form language which is based on the UNIVERSAL DIAGRAM of our UNIVERSE. Superdiagram - Omnium.

I can see you.

Richard A Antonius and his artistic glasses.

RAAntonius and his universal Diagram of The unIverse
So, one day, pondering the cracks in the shell of the Cosmic Egg, I reached for the scissors and... I cut my Supercosmogram into pieces.

In this way I received 8 elements that I named CREONS.

©R.A Antonius

One day I made another discovery. This time, in the Antonius Code world a new Eureka was to organize 8 Creons – alternately.

Richard A Antonius´ next spectacular realization:

Our Universe is build of its own picture!

In this case, The Antonius Code confirms and explains the magical cosmic principle, which has been formulated by ancient thinkers: As above – so below.


To better illustrate my discovery, I first painted several explanatory CREO+ART pictures.

"MATRIX & PATRIX" – creo+art (acrylic, 80cm x100cm) (SOLD - In private ownership)
"THE COSMIC EGG" – acrylic (80 cm x 100 cm) The painting refers to the myth of creation. It represents a mythical Bird, with the Cosmic Egg.
"THE ANTONIUS CODE" – acrylic (80 cm x 100 cm) The profile of the artist in CREO+ART. :)
"ANGELS. COSMOTANGRAM – 11" acrylic, (50cm x 50cm)
Creograms taking shapes of stylized angels began to fascinate me so much that I made a whole series of works in which they appear as symbols of The Sacred – the Sacred hidden, together with Beauty, in the cyclic process of creating the worlds.
Multicreals © by RAA
FABUL - ICON 3 “ANGELS BUILD THE WORLD-2” acrylic -(50cm x 50cm)
FABUL - ICON 4. THE COSMIC EGG acrylic - (50cm x 50cm)
”The Meta-Throne For an Angelologist” - an instalation by R.A.Antonius & Ella Antonius
“PER EASEL AD ASTRA.” CREO+ART acrylic painting + spongografia- (2 x 100cm x 50cm)
This pAINTING shows the path of my search
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Revelation 22:13 “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” Genesis 1:26-27
CREO+ART -AlphaOmega pattern by Richard A. Antonius
CREO+ART - "Deep pattern-1" Multicreals by Richard A. Antonius - digital print + mixed media
CREO+ART - "Deep pattern-2" Multicreals by Richard A. Antonius - digital print + mixed media
CREO+ART - "Deep pattern-3" Multicreals by Richard A. Antonius - digital print + mixed media
CREO+ART- "Deep pattern-4-FLORRO" Multicreals by Richard A. Antonius-digital print + mixed media
CREO+ART - "Creo-COMIX-TECTONIA-1&2" by Richard A. Antonius-digital print + mixed media
Richard A. Antonius "CreoCubion-Sacrix" mixed media & digital print -(100cm x 85cm) FOR SALE

Custom sizes are available on request.

Richard A. Antonius ”OlgaTokarczukNobelPrizeInLiterature.” - (100cm x 85cm) & ”P.Picasso” mixed media & digital print - (100cm x 85cm)
CREO+ART - surface pattern design
Richard A. Antonius ”Creo+Art FOGLO1” mixed media & digital print- (100cm x 85cm)

Custom sizes are available on request.

Britain stronger in Europe
Richard A. Antonius ”Creo+Art SACRIX - MULTIQUBIT - ESCHEROID.- Mixed media & digital print (50cm x 50cm). FOR SALE
Creo+Art cubes
CREO+ART as surface pattern design by Richard A. Antonius
Segment-Art 2019

If you like what you see, if you want to buy my ART, let´s connect! I would love to hear from you! You can reach me at: antonius@tele2.se or: r.antonius@gmail.com

Welcome to my portfolio: CreoRAAma. Here you can create your own unique psychophysical PORTRAIT together with Richard A Antonius in his style of Creo+Art!

Go to: CreoRAAma

Welcome to my cosmos. Print on canvas

To be continued...

If you want to know more about my ART&SCIENCE THEORY and Art style:


KOD ANTONIUSA w wersji polskiej - TUTAJ


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