Why? A quote from "The Matrix deciphered" by Dr. Robert Duncan

“The power junkies justified the creation of hell by appealing to people's fear. We need to spy into people's minds to gather intelligence to stop terrorists. We are creating a maximum pain weapon so we don't need to kill people in the battlefield. We throw the voice of God in order to trick the enemy to lay down their arms. We need to control society's minds so no one builds weapons of mass destruction. The rationalizations are endless. But in the end, they created a system that is being used to secretly torture people without relief of death. The system, TAMI, should be renamed HELL.

No one seems to talk about a pleasure weapon. Make the enemy happy and relaxed so they don't feel like fighting. Make people feel happy so they don't want to build weapons of mass destruction. Make people feel generous so they share and give more. Make them care about their fellow man. These brain signals are not being collected and tested for TAMI. Why?”

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