The Bahamas Magnum photography awards 2017 submission

Island Boys

In an era when kids play with their smartphones and all sorts of electronic devices, these boys where spending their Sunday jumping in the Bahamian waters. Nassau, The Bahamas 2016

The Girl Who Dances With The Sea

I was driving west on west bay street in New providence. It was late afternoon, the sun was descending on the ocean but still very bright. When I noticed this little girl playing on the beach with her dad. I quickly pulled over and took a few shots. I love this one because it talks about the relationship of a girl and the sea. She seemed to be dancing and the Ocean was playing with her. Nassau, The Bahamas, 2015

Future Eyes

I don't know her name, I actually know nothing about her. Our eyes crossed for an instant, the instant it took me to shoot the photo. I was struck by the depth of her look. I wondered and I still wonder what she was thinking, what she is doing now, 8 years later. I wondered what the future would bring to her. The bus then departed and I lost sight of her. Nassau, The Bahamas, 2008

Water Boy

Nassau, New Providence, a boy gets fresh water from a street pump.What struck me were the Dollar signs on the wall. A huge contrast in those depressed areas, where water and electricity is not for everyone.

Nassau., The Bahamas, 2017

Resting Arms

We sat on a bench by the sea in Cat Island, The Bahamas. I enjoyed listening to her stories and when I notices her arms and hands resting on the stick I had to take the photo. If only those hands could speak... Cat Island, The Bahamas, 2016

The Haitian Woman

Her name is Melela. She was feeding her chickens in the early morning. She came to The Bahamas 47 years ago on a small boat from Haiti. I asked her if she eats the chickens and she said " oh no no...I diet" Eleuthera, The Bahamas, 2017

Created By
Alessandro Sarno


The Lonesome Photographer

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