InterACTION - March 2018 Why Be Missionaries in Alaska?

By Amy Schuett

“Why be missionaries in Alaska?” Jamie and Beth Roderick asked themselves that same question. Even though they had never been to Alaska or ever dreamed of living there, they couldn’t shake this strange pull to the northernmost region of the United States. They didn’t know where this idea would take them, but dedicated themselves to prayer and decided to let God direct them. This led them to InterAct Ministries.

The Rodericks are from North Carolina. They have been married for over fifteen years and have two children, Davis and Faith. Jamie thrives in the outdoors, enjoying hunting and fishing. And Beth loves caring for their family and passionately serving in the children’s ministry at their church. Until now North Carolina has always been home. However, after accepting the call to Alaska they will soon leave their Southern roots and make their way North to their new home on InterAct’s Lazy Mountain Campus.

Located just outside of Palmer, the Lazy Mountain Campus is a ministry center dedicated to discipling Alaska Natives in their relationship with Jesus Christ, equipping them to learn and grow in leadership, spiritual formation, and life skills. The facilities and location allow for Bible classes, retreats, relational discipling and more. When Jamie and Beth first visited Alaska, they were amazed to see the size of the campus and all that God was accomplishing there.

The number of ministries that are active on the campus is impressive, but there is currently only one InterAct missionary couple running it, and more help is needed. With the limited staff, caring for multiple buildings really takes a toll on the amount of teaching and evangelism that can be done. That is where Jamie and Beth’s unique ministry calling comes into the picture.

Jamie’s whole life has been working in information technologies (IT) and construction. His life experience has perfectly crafted him for a maintenance position. Moving to Alaska allows him to use his experience and skills for the Kingdom. Beth also has unique giftings and talents that are particular to serving people. She will be stepping into a hospitality role that will allow her to care for the people who are coming into the programs and getting them settled and ready for the journey ahead.

“With us serving, we are enabling the other leaders to focus on the ministry and what they need to do,” Jamie said. This job is very important for the overall effectiveness of the ministries on the Lazy Mountain Campus. With Jamie and the family able to take care of the behind-the-scenes work like upkeep and maintenance, and Beth taking care of hospitality and other daily tasks, it allows for the pastors and teachers to be interacting with the people, teaching God’s Word and making disciples.

But their work won’t end there. Jamie and Beth’s hearts are burdened for the people of Alaska, and relationships will be a crucial part of their ministry. “We are also excited for all the fellowship with the people that come through,” Beth said. After taking care of the facilities, Jamie and Beth are anticipating conversations and relationships with those staying on campus. And it’s not just Jamie and Beth who are excited. The whole family is looking forward to creating tight bonds with the people and demonstrating what day-to-day Christian life is like through relationships. Even their daughter Faith is excited about making new friends after the big move.

The Rodericks are called to do this work in Alaska, but they cannot do it without the support of the body of Christ. They will need lots of prayer and financial support in this next chapter of their lives. Pray that this family’s financial and spiritual needs will be met, and that God will carry them through this transition. Pray for grace as they seek to further the Kingdom of Christ in their unique and special calling in Alaska.

InterACTION is a monthly publication of InterAct Ministries


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