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Like Old Times

I was walking along the street when these two men sitting on their cart sharing pleasantries during what I would assume was their leisure time, caught my eye. The whole setting gave me a "friends-meeting-after-a-long-time" kind of vibe which led me to capture this moment which aptly shows that friendship is timeless.

The Extra Limb.

This picture was actually unintentional. As I was trying to click a picture of a very desolate stray dog I saw on the street (see "Man's Best Friend?"), through the corner of my eye, I noticed an old man limping ahead beside me. I immediately swung my camera to the left and captured his legs along with his appendage which resulted in the above photograph.

Childish Innocence.

This boy was one among the many interesting people I observed on the street in the duration of this project. Seeing him play with his balloon, I immediately framed what my photograph was going to be in my mind and waited for the right moment to capture this freeze motion photograph giving the illusion that the boy is levitating the balloon.

The Lone Ranger.

This photograph captured at an intersection shows an old traffic cop left to manage the oncoming traffic which came at him from all angles. You can see in this picture how these men are lost in the endless crowd crossing these intersections and how their crucial service is not acknowledged.

The Upper Hand.

I decided to make this man my subject because of the air of authority he had with his aviator sunglasses and the serious look he had on his face. His old age shows the amount of life experience he has which makes him fit to be, well, an authoritative figure.

Man's Best Friend?

This is the desolate looking stray dog I mentioned in the description of the earlier photograph "The Extra Limb". I noticed how dogs are supposed to be "man's best friend" but this photograph is a stark contrast to that statement. The canine is left unnoticed and uncared for in the streets of Mumbai where dozens of people pass by him everyday. Hence the title of the photograph.

The Daily Grind.

The streets of South Bombay are filled with bicyclists cycling endlessly from place to place to make their livelihood. This is one such man; pushing commodities on his bicycles to earn his daily bread.

Back To School.

This photograph shows the three children (possibly siblings) and their support for each other by holding each other's hands while crossing the road. It perfectly encapsulates the bond through friendship that they have.

The SoBo Facade.

One thing among many others that South Bombay is known for are the Victorian style vintage buildings with their beautiful facades. This picture shows the essence of what architecture in South Bombay is all about.

Knowledge at 60 rupees a piece.

Another thing you can come across frequently in Mumbai are the street book vendors. These books are sold at very cheap prices on the street which makes it available to anyone, regardless of economic status. It is a propagation of the idea that knowledge is for everyone.

Thank you.

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